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How To Treat Sunburn

As little as 20 minutes outside on a sunny day may leave…

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Pink Eyes Treatment

One cannot find a pink eyes treatment fast enough when those watery,…

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Ear Infections In Adults

Ear infections in adults is a very common ailment. Almost everyone has…

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Bed Sores Treatment

Finding a bed sores treatment which works may be difficult, especially if…

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How To Treat Ringworm

Often after a holiday at the beach, people come home with ringworm….

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Bladder Infection Treatment

There are alternative bladder infection treatments to the conventional antibiotics. In this…

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Shingles Symptoms & Treatment

People suffering from shingles, naturally would like to get rid of this…

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Signs of Food Poisoning

Signs of food poisoning may start within hours after eating the contaminated…

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Salmonella Food Poisoning

Salmonella food poisoning or salmonellosis usually occurs when a person eats food…

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How To Remove Warts | Lifestyle

A wart is a small, rough growth, resembling a cauliflower or a…

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Where to buy silverlab

Silverlab colloidal silver is available throughout South Africa.