Analysis of the proportion of ionic⁺ silver in Silverlab Healthcare’s ionic⁺ Colloidal Silver (batch 2298)

Sample information

  • Sample No.: 118750
  • Sampling date: not mentioned Sampling time: not mentioned
  • Sample name: Product: 18 ppm Ionano silver, solution code M/Q610-419-xxx, Batch
  • number: 2298, Manufacture date: 29/09/2020
  • Sample Type: colloids
  • Sampled by: customer
  • Mode of sampling: not mentioned
  • Purpose: on the request customers

Results – chemical analysis

Concentration of Ionic Silver

  • Value: 15.2
  • Unit: mg/l
  • Type: N
  • Method Used: ISE

Notice to sampling: The sampling itself is not a subject of accreditation.
Notice to analysis: The proportion of ionic silver is 97,4% of total silver content (15.5mg/l).