Antibiotic Colloidal Silver: A Natural Antibiotic?

There has been quite a number of articles written about antibiotic colloidal silver and its properties. You may also have read some material where doctors are not in favour of the use of colloidal silver. In this article, we will be going over the uses of antibiotic colloidal silver, its properties and some of the perceived dangers associated with it.

Why all the buzz?

Antibiotics have been used by modern medicine to fight off bacteria. When we have flu or a cold our GP will recommend that we take a course of antibiotics to fight off the bacteria. The antibiotic concoction is quite powerful and can kill off bacteria at an impressive rate but it is not without its side effects. Antibiotics also kill the good bacteria in the body and these bacteria are needed by the body, especially when dealing with the body’s defences. One of the other problems with antibiotics is that they cause resistant bacteria. When antibiotics kill off bacteria there are cases in which one or two of the bacteria survive and become resistant to antibiotics. When they mutate they then also have a gene which will resist antibiotics.

Silver has always been known to have antibacterial qualities but what scientists are discovering is that by adding silver in conjunction with antibiotics, the antibiotics are much more effective in fighting the bacteria even some previously resistant bacteria. There are two ways in which silver does this; the first is that it interferes with the bacteria’s metabolism and two it makes the cell membrane of the bacteria more permeable allowing the antibiotic molecule to penetrate. In a recent study, it has been documented that silver can make antibiotics up to 1,000 times more effective in their workings against bacteria.

So why are there people against its use?

There are many of those in the medical profession who claim that silver is not safe to consume. There is a condition caused by the ingestion of silver called Argyria which causes the skin to turn greyish-blue in colour. However, there is some misconception about this. Firstly you must understand the differences between true antibiotic colloidal silver and silver protein. Products which are manufactured with high levels of silver protein cause argyria. The other reason for argyria is when people take silver proteins in high dosages.