Colloidal Silver For Respiratory Illness

bronchitis treatment

The lungs are among the body’s largest organs.  The air we breathe enters out bodies through the trachea (windpipe), with connects with the bronchi, the breathing tubes that lead into the alveoli (air sacs) in the lungs.


Respitory illnesses may injure the airway tubes. Inflammation may result in a build-up of mucus, along with coughing, fever, pain in the chest and/or back, fatigue, sore throat, difficulty breathing, and often, sudden chills and shaking.

Respiratory illnesses may be either acute or chronic. Acute respiratory illnesses may be caused by infection which may derive from various sources. Chronic respiratory illnesses may stem from irritation of the lungs from irritants such as smoke, noxious fumes or even allergies.

Silverlab Colloidal Silver For Respiratory Illness

Take 10ml Silverlab Liquid every 2 hours until symptoms have improved.  Hold the liquid in your mouth for 2 minutes before swallowing.

Many have reported success in treating bronchitis by also nebulizing with 5ml Silverlab Nebulising Liquid 2 times per day.

Additional Healthy Lifestyle & Nutritional Tips

  • Include garlic and onions in your diet.
  • Drink plenty of fluids.  Pure water, herbal teas, and soups are all good choices.
  • Avoid mucus-forming foods such as dairy products, processed foods, sugar, sweet fruits, and white flour.
  • Eat plenty of vegetables.
  • Do not smoke.
  • Rest in bed in the early stages, when fever is present.
  • Apply warm, moist heat, or a hot water bottle over the chest and back before bedtime to aid in sleeping and reduce inflammation.  It is also good to rub eucalyptus oil on your chest first.
  • Supplement your diet with vitamin C.
  • Do not use a cough suppressant.
  • If persistent and/or severe coughing, difficulty breathing, high fever, lethargy, weakness, wheezing sounds, and/or chest pains develop, consult your health care provider.

Natural Health Tips From Jan J Lategan



Inflammation of the airways (bronchi) for 7-8 days.


Blocked airways with hard breathing and causing severe coughing.


  • Cook with garlic, peppers and lots of onions, which loosens the mucus
  • Drink thin vegetable soup throughout the day
  • Lemon juice in water [eight glasses per day]
  • Apple juice contains quercetin, a natural anti-histamine
  • Milk causes mucus – avoid it; stay in bed for 48 hours to prevent temperature change and coughing.


  • NAC [mucus thinner][Solgar]
  • Colloidal silver [every 2 hours]
  • Colloidal silver nasal spray [often]
  • Echinacea [2×2] [6 days a week]
  • Bromelain [1×2] or MSM [4000MG] or 3 half teaspoons of turmeric
  • garlic capsules [5×2]
  • Ester C [1×3]
  • Carrots or vitamin A
  • Cough syrup


Nine out of ten times it’s a viral infection, use colloidal silver or Echinacea to kill the viruses.


If you have pain when you breathe deeply, or fever for more than 48 hours, or hear a sound in your chest when you breathe or cough or the phlegm is yellow/green, see a doctor for prescription antibiotics.

[Natural Health Tips 2012, p.11 – Jan J. Lategan]

Chronic or Acute Bronchitis

Acute bronchitis is a viral infection in the respiratory tract that usually follows after flu. Chronic Bronchitis is a lung disease caused by tobacco smoke and is a lot more serious.


  • If you smoke, stop immediately. Use Zyban *or the E-cigarette to help stop.* Ask your doctor’s receptionist to fax a prescription to your pharmacist.  Zyban contains a chemical that suppresses the ‘craving’ for nicotine.
  • Cook with cayenne pepper and lots of onions, which loosens the mucus.  Drink two glasses of apple juice per day.  Onions and apples contain Quercetin, a natural antihistamine.
  • Drink thin vegetable soup throughout the day.
  • Drink lemon juice in water, eight glasses per day.

Supplements to Consider

  • Colloidal silver [every 2 hours]
  • Echinacea [2×2][6 days a week]
  • Immuno Choice
  • Bromelain [1×2] or
  • MSM 4000mg or three small teaspoons of turmeric with water
  • Ester C[1×3]
  • Selenium [100mcgx2]
  • Co.Q10 [50mgx3]
  • garlic capsules [5×2]
  • cough syrup [frequently]
  • Silverlab nasal spray [often]


  • The above supplements can be taken along with any prescription medication.
  • If your symptoms worsen or if your legs start to swell, see a doctor.

[Natural Health Tips 2012, p.16 – Jan J. Lategan]


Coughing is often due to an infection such as flu, bronchitis, TB, asthma or smoking.  If you have mucus, spray with Colloidal Silver nasal spray deep in the nasal passages.  It kills the viruses which the mucus exists off and it dries up.  If you have phlegm, take a product that contains an expectorant.  This makes it easier to loosen the mucus when coughing.  The generic product Alcophyllex is excellent and cheap; even small amounts work.

Colloidal silver can be gargled for a dry cough and swallowed.  It kills the bacteria and viruses that cause irritation within 4-6 minutes.

[Natural Health Tips 2012, p.21 – Jan J. Lategan]

Lung Problems (Weak Lungs)

Read notes on Asthma and Low Immunity and apply if necessary.


  • Stop smoking by using the E-cigarette and do breathing exercises.
  • Air purifiers:  Garlic in the vegetable rack and onions in the RV room and bedroom.
  • Cook with garlic, lots of onions, herbs and spices like turmeric and cayenne pepper for flavour, not salt.
  • Avoid table salt and rather use sea salt or Ina Paarman’s Seasoned Sea Salt, Cayenne pepper, black pepper and spices for flavour.


  • Immuno Choice
  • Garlic; Co-Q10
  • Colloidal silver
  • Turmeric or Echinacea
  • Vitamin C

[Natural Health Tips 2012, p.52 – Jan J. Lategan]

Respiratory Infection

It’s a viral infection.

  • To kill viruses gargle every two hours with a sip of colloidal silver and swallow
  • 2x garlic capsules 3 times per day
  • Vitamin C500mg after each meal

[Natural Health Tips 2012, p.70 – Jan J. Lategan]

Excerpts from Jan J. Lategan’s book, “Natural Health Tips”. Click here to find out where to order the book.