Colloidal Silver As A Nail Fungus Aid

nail fungus treatment

Fungus under nails is one of the most difficult ailments to treat and may be a symptom that you have systemic Candida albicans.

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The fungus under the nail makes a bio-film around itself by secreting a waxy substance and pushing all of its dead cells to the outside of the film.

1. Epsom Salt, Salt & Colloidal Silver For Fungus Under Nails

This film can be broken down by either soaking your feet or hands in Epsom salts or salt water or a mixture of the two.


Add 50ml salt and 50ml Epsom salts to a basin of 2-3 litres of warm water. Soak your feet or hands for about 10 minutes and then scrape out as much as possible with a metal nail file to get rid of the fungus under nails.

After each salt water/ Epsom Salt treatment, soak the feet in colloidal silver or at least apply some Silverlab Healing Gel to the nails. Apply the gel at least 5 times per week, if not every day.

Do this once a week for 3 months or at least until the nail has grown out.

2. Finger-Cot

Another nail fungus treatment which works quite well is using a finger-cot. This looks like a miniature condom and is available in different sizes.


Get one that won’t fall off, but also won’t constrict the blood flow. Take a pea-size piece of cotton wool, drop it into the finger-cot and add 3-5 ml Silverlab Liquid.

Pull this over the finger or toe before going to bed. This will keep the liquid in contact with the fungus for a few hours at a time. Continue doing this 2-3 times per week for 3 months in order to get rid of the fungus under nails, or until the nail grows out.

Be patient with this condition; just keep treating until it is gone!

3. Sea Water

Walking regularly in sea water is just as beneficial.

Natural Health Tips From Jan J Lategan

Nail Problems


  • B-Complex [Dischem] [2×2]
  • Biotin [600mcg x 2 for 8 weeks]
  • Bio Strath multivitamin [3×2]
  • Zinc with Vitamin A and B6
  • MSM
  • Skeletone
  • Flaxseed capsules [3×2]
  • Vitamin C [500mg x 2][after meals]
  • Vitamin E 400; Evening Primrose [1×3]

Fungi in the Big Toenail

Fungus under nails, especially under the big toenail, could be a sign that you have Candida. Echinacea tablets. [2×2][6 days a week] to kill fungi in blood; spray the nail with colloidal silver as often as possible.

[Natural Health Tips 2012 Jan J. Lategan pg.58]

Excerpts from Jan J. Lategan’s book, “Natural Health Tips”. Click here to find out where to order the book.