Colloidal Silver As A Natural Hay Fever Aid

hay fever treatment

Many look forward to spring after the cold winter, however hay fever and allergy sufferers dread this season as they await a couple of months of allergy symptoms such as blocked noses, sneezing and watery eyes.

Colloidal Silver For Allergies, Hay Fever & Sore Nose

Hay Fever (Allergic Rhinitis)

Hay fever, otherwise known as dust allergies are an allergy to proteins in the pollen of trees, grasses, some plants, or mold which affects the mucous membranes of the nose, eyes, and air passages.

Many of the symptoms of hay fever are similar to those of the common cold.

Symptoms include:

  • itchy, red eyes
  • watery discharge from the nose and eyes
  • sneezing
  • fatigue
  • nervous irritability.

People with allergic rhinitis often have allergy symptoms that also involve the eyes.

Other Allergies

Other allergies cause a distinctive clear, thin nasal discharge, whereas secretions caused by colds usually become thick and yellow-greenish as the illness progresses.

Colds are often associated with mid fever and are usually gone within a week, while allergy sufferers often have a feeling of becoming “wiped out” for weeks on end.

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Symptoms of Allergies

Symptoms that occur shortly after you come into contact with the substance you are allergic to, may include:

  • Itchy nose, mouth, eyes, throat, skin, or any area
  • Problems with smell
  • Runny nose
  • Sneezing
  • Tearing eyes

Symptoms that may develop later, include:

  • Stuffy nose (nasal congestion)
  • Coughing
  • Clogged ears and decreased sense of smell
  • Sore throat
  • Dark circles under the eyes
  • Puffiness under the eyes
  • Fatigue and irritability
  • Headache

Silverlab Colloidal Silver As An Allergy, Sore Nose & Hay Fever Aid

  • Use Silverlab Nasal Spray to keep the nasal passage clear.
  • If you have itching ears, you can use a dropper or Silverlab Healing Gel on an ear bud and carefully apply to the inside of the ears.
  • Block off one nostril, spray two sprays into the other nostril while inhaling through your nose. Repeat for the other nostril. Wait 5 minutes and then blow nose into a tissue to clear the nasal passages. Repeat two sprays into each nostril as above.

Sore red nose

  • If you are suffering from flu symptoms and have a running or blocked nose, use the Silverlab Nasal Spray. Take care to read the instructions on the box as they are not the same as your average nose sprays.
  • Use Silverlab Healing Cream on and around the nose if it is inflamed and tender. You’ll love how it effectively works to take away the inflammation and rawness. Use it as often as needed through the day.
  • Spray the area with Silverlab Liquid between applications for faster relief.

Natural Health Tips For Allergy, Sore Nose & Hay Fever Relief – From Jan J Lategan

Colloidal Silver Hay Fever Treatment (Dust Allergies)


  • Sneezing, red itchy eyes, running nose, circles under the eyes, hay fever.


  • Pollen, pet hair, dust mites in bedding, low blood sugar.

Quick Cure


  • Always cook with lots of onions and drink two glasses of pure apple juice daily.


  • Antihistamine tablets; Allergy Ease [Vital}; Immuno Choice; Nettle capsules.

[Natural Health Tips 2012 Jan J. Lategan pg.38]

Nose Bleed

  • In most cases, the blood comes from a broken blood vessel inside the nose, and can be controlled by applying pressure to the sides of the nose for at least 7 minutes.

Main Cause

  • Vitamin K deficiency.
  • Natural sources of Vitamin K are: yoghurt AB, Alfalfa tablets, avocado, parsley, cabbage family, eff, soya, kelp, green vegetables.

Supplements to consider

  • Ester C: 2-3 capsules per day with meals; it strengthens the blood vessel walls and accelerates the healing of the damaged blood vessel.  Reduce by 50% as problem disappears.
  • Apply colloidal silver gel or cream in the nose after a bleeding; the blood vessels will heal sooner.
  • Dischem’s Cal-Mag for osteoporosis contains Vitamin K.
  • Bilberry capsules [60mg, 2 per day]. It strengthens the capillaries in the nose.
  • Green tea capsules or Stress Vite or Magnesium SR controls stress and thus prevents a sudden increase in blood pressure which may cause bleeding.  Green tea is a powerful antioxidant that neutralises any damage by free radicals in the nose and eyes due to smoke, air pollution etc.
  • OR Immuno Choice, which contains powerful antioxidants like extracts of grape see, green tea, flavonoids, plant sterols etc. which neutralise the damage caused by free radicals in the nose and eyes due to smoke, exhaust gases, air pollution etc.*



  • Avoid Aspirin, Disprins, Ecotrin, Warfarin and Ginkgo biloba, which dilute the blood.
  • Avoid cortisone and antibiotics.  Take Arthro Guard Intensive instead of cortisone for rheumatoid arthritis and Colloidal Silver instead of antibiotics.
  • Avoid  passive smoking at all costs.
  • Monitor your alcohol intake and decide whether there is a connection and a safe intake.
  • Monitor your blood pressure monthly at a pharmacy or clinic.  Sit still for five minutes; take readings until two correlate.
  • Normal blood pressure: Systolic: 130- 140; Diastolic: 85 – 90.
  • Take pH Balance of Alkaline Powder for high blood pressure.

[Natural Health Tips 2012 Jan J. Lategan pg.60]



  • Inflammation of the sinuses [nasal passages] which makes breathing difficult and makes it difficult to sleep.


  • Usually a complication of an infection in the upper airways due to colds or flu.


  • Pressure or headache above eyes that worsen when you bend down; difficulty breading through nose; postnasal drip; feeling of fullness in the face; yellowish-green nasal discharge.

Lifestyle Tips

  • The ‘Quercetin’ in apples and onions is a natural antihistamine; cook with lots of onions and drink 2-3 glasses of apple juice per day.
  • Avoid foods that cause mucus like cream, full cream milk, white bread, pies and pastries.
  • Viruses multiply extremely quickly with a sudden change in temperature.   Drink two sips of water when you leave a warm room in winter, especially at night or early morning.
  • Blow your nose gently and sleep with open windows.


  • Reduce congestion by inhaling eucalyptus oil or Friar’s Balm and steam.  Add a few drops of oil to boiling water in a basin. Cover your head with a towel and inhale through your nose.
  • Spray colloidal silver nasal spray deep into the nasal passages to stop the infection. [Every hour]
  • B-Complex [Dischem][2×2] and 6 odourless garlic capsules to boost the immunity levels.
  • Vitamin C: 500mg x 3 tablets per day with meals or Ester C [1×3].
  • Echinacea or Echinacea Plus kills viruses and bacteria fast; (1×2 tables.  6 out of 7 days].
  • Immuno Choice to improve your immunity against infections.


  • Over the counter sinus medications only suppress the symptoms and can force the infection deeper into the sinus openings.
  • Prescribed sinus medication often causes severe constipation.

[Natural Health Tips 2012 Jan J. Lategan pg.74]

Excerpts from Jan J. Lategan’s book, “Natural Health Tips”. Click here to find out where to order the book.