Colloidal Silver As A Home Aid for Wrinkles

how to get rid of wrinkles

Description, Symptoms & Causes

Wrinkles mainly happen on the parts of the body that get the most sun exposure, including the face, neck, the back of the hands, and top of the forearms. Wrinkles fall into two categories: fine, surface lines and deeper furrows.

What Causes Wrinkles?

The main factors that promote wrinkling include: aging, smoking and drinking alcohol, skin type, heredity, environmental, sun exposure and not drinking enough water. Though you can’t control all of those factors, you can control some of them!

How To Get Reduce Wrinkles By Using Colloidal Silver

Because of the anti–inflammatory properties of Silverlab products, it’s the perfect addition to a skincare routine when trying to reduce wrinkles.

Use Silverlab Healing Gel and then once it has been absorbed by the skin, you can apply a small amount of the Silverlab Healing Cream. We’ve had comments from some of our client that it works better than Botox!

Natural Health Tips From Jan J Lategan

Skin Health

A beautiful skin is the reward for a well-groomed body.  The skin is a barometer of what is happening inside the body.

Causes of Skin Problems
Stress; 10-3 sun exposure; under-active liver; smoking; caffeine; poor circulation; free radicals etc.

Lifestyle & Diet Tips

  1. Many fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruits are great cleansers. Drink pure juice.
  2. Drink 6-8 glasses (1.5 litres) of water per day, with lemon juice to detox the liver.
  3. If you have a blender: 60ml beetroot juice, 90ml of carrot juice, 90ml of cucumber juice.
  4. Rub your face with papaya skin to prevent or reduce wrinkles.
  5. Combat stress with Stress Vite and or Green tea capsules or Magnesium SR.
  6. Avoid the sun between 10-3, wear a hat, use sun cream to keep damage and age spots to a minimum.
  7. Drink Co-Q10 and Gotu Kola capsules for age spots or apply lemon juice or hydroquinone cream.
  8. 5ml Colloidal Silver first thing in the morning and again last thing at night.
  9. Watermelon juice is rich in silica, which strengthens collagen and reduces wrinkles and dryness.

Ginkgo for better circulation; Co-enzyme Q10 to repair worn out cells and Flax-seed to nourish the skin and avoid small wrinkles.

[Natural Health Tips 2012; JJ Lategan pg. 75]

Excerpts from Jan J. Lategan’s book, “Natural Health Tips”. Click here to find out where to order the book.