Colloidal Silver For Shaving Bumps & Rash


Description, Symptoms & Causes

Are you experiencing irritations and redness on your face or body due to shaving bumps or a shaving rash?

The medical term for shaving rash is “pseudofolliculitis barbae” or “sycosis barbae”, more commonly called “barber’s itch” or “razor lumps”.

Normally, the weight of each individual hair straightens it slightly. When you shave, a remnant of hair is left in the hair follicle. As this starts to grow out of the follicle, it may immediately curve round into the surrounding skin, because there is nothing to keep it straight.

The ingrowing hair irritates the skin and can cause a lumpy reaction, which leads to shaving bumps or a shaving rash.

Colloidal Silver For Shaving Bumps & Shaving Rash

Colloidal silver is one of the best kept secret shaving tips for men.

It fights against bacteria rapidly by entering into the bacteria cells and deactivating their vital functions. This leads to a loss in feasibility of the bacteria and the inhibition of bacterial replication.

Though colloidal silver is tough on bacteria, it’s extremely gentle to the skin. This reliably prevent the onset of body odour and keep the skin healthy and feeling refreshed.

Silverlab Healing Cream (with its excellent moisturizing properties) and Silverlab Healing Gel (with its anti-inflammatory and anti-wrinkle properties) are both effective products which can be used to both prevent and heal shaving bumps and shaving rash.

Shave as you normally would and dry the area with a towel. Immediately apply an amount of Silverlab Healing Cream or Gel to the shaved area.