Skin Flap Wounds

Description, Symptoms & Causes

When one ages, the skin becomes very thin.  When an elderly person needs assistance in being lifted in or out of bed, it can often happen that they get a skin flap wound.

If you are looking after an elderly person, please take extra care when lifting them, to assure that this does not happen.

Colloidal Silver For Skin Flap Wounds

Our family doctor uses Silverlab colloidal silver to treat skin flap wounds in the elderly.

He told us that because our product works at a cellular level, it heals the wound.  He said that he has never had success with any other product.

If the wound has been treated and dressed correctly, the skin will re-attach itself.

He has had 100% success rate since 2006.

How others have used Silverlab Colloidal Silver

The area must be cleaned properly with Silverlab Colloidal Silver Liquid. Wet the area well with the CS Liquid. Gently work the skin back over the damaged area.  Dress the wound with a bandage. Keep bandage wet with CS Liquid.