Colloidal Silver For Sore Breasts, Cracked & Painful Nipples

Colloidal Silver For Sore Breasts

You’ve celebrated the miraculous arrival of your little one, finally sorted out the latching and let down of breastfeeding, when the burning and deep shooting breast pain settles in. Sore breasts, painful nipples and even cracked nipples follows, threatening to derail your efforts.

Description, Symptoms & Causes

Sore breasts and painful nipples are usually caused by either:

  • improper nursing positions and nursing schedules, or incorrect sucking by the baby.
  • infection, most commonly with the fungus, Candida albicans.

To successfully treat sore breasts and painful nipples in mom and baby, you need to ensure that you are targeting all areas of overgrowth and put measures in place to prevent re-infection.

It is also important to treat mom and baby at the same time or the infection will simply be passed from one to the other.

Colloidal silver is a potent anti-fungal and Silverlab has a number of formulations that can be used independently or together to assist you in treating sore breasts, painful and cracked nipples.

Colloidal Silver For Sore Breasts, Cracked & Painful Nipples

Apply a small amount of Silverlab Healing Cream after each feed. Silverlab Healing Gel should be used if the nipples are bleeding.

Silverlab Healing Cream is a wonderful cream for breastfeeding mothers.  Its ingredients, which include avocado oil, are rapidly absorbed to bring fast relief to painful and cracked nipples related with breastfeeding.

Allow 5 or 10 minutes after application before feeding again. You do not have to remove the cream or gel before feeding. It’s completely safe for your baby!

Healthy Lifestyle & Nutritional Tips

  • Nurse on the least sore side first.
  • Be sure your baby’s mouth takes in as much of the areola (the dark area of the nipple) as possible.  The baby shouldn’t make slurping noises when feeding.