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Food Addiction

True Addiction or Lack of Willpower?   Even though science is still…

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Natural Health Tips on Colloidal Silver

Jan J. Lategan 2013, Natural Health Tips, p 110   Some history…

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Could This Be An Eczema Cure…?

Did you know that silver has healing properties? For years prior to…

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Skin Care – An Essential Part of Every Person’s Life

Skin care is no longer a luxury or the privilege of the…

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Hay Fever Symptoms

When spring is in the air, not everybody necessarily has a spring…

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Home Remedies For Flu (And Colds)

The flu… it can really make one feel terrible – stuffy head,…

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Could Colloidal Silver Be A Cure For Herpes?

For many people the words herpes and cure or treatment do not…

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How To Get Rid of Cracked Heels

Not only can cracked heels be very unsightly and detract from a…

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Bladder Infection Symptoms

Most people will suffer from a bladder infection at least once in…

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Nanosilver versus Ioniese silwer… wie, wat, waar, hoe??

‘n Sekere “Dr. Rima” beweer verkeerdelik (Oktober 2014) dat 10 ppm nano…

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Where to buy silverlab

Silverlab colloidal silver is available throughout South Africa.