Ionic colloidal silver liquid

Treatments Gastric upsets Food poisoning Bladder inflammation Stomach flu Rotavirus (diarrhoea) Norovirus…

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Liqui Gel 200ml


Treatments Sore throat and tonsils Mouth sores and mouth ulcers Sunburn Burns…

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Nasal Spray

Nasal Spray

Treatments May reduce the redness and discomfort associated with flu and the…

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Healing Cream 120ml

Healing Cream

Treatments Eczema Acne Dermatitis Dry chapped and damaged skin Sunburn Sun-damaged skin…

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Healing Gel 120ml

Healing Gel

Treatments Wounds Scrapes Herpes Wet dermatitis Groin infections Burns Stings Vaginal thrush…

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After Sun Liqui-gel 100ml

After Sun Liqui-Gel

Directions for use Apply liberally to the affected area(s) 3 to 4…

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Blister & Wound gel 100ml

Blister & Wound Gel

Treatments It helps to prevent infection and reduce the pain and discomfort…

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Chafing Repair Cream 75ml

Chafing Repair

Treatments Dermatitis Eczema Runners’ chafing rash Bicycle saddle rash Pressure sores It…

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Ear Infection and Swimmers Ear 25ml

Swimmers Ear

Directions for use Position head with one ear facing upwards and place…

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