Colloidal Silver For Dogs & Other Animals


Before antibiotics, colloidal silver was one of the most popular used remedies for a wide variety of infections and diseases.

As most pharmaceutical antibiotics have only become available with a prescription, many are turning to colloidal silver for dogs and other pets as a holistic, natural alternative and avoid expensive veterinary bills.

Colloidal silver is a first aid kit for many of the little pet problems we often encounter as animal owners.

A natural health supplement to boost your dog’s immune system, it prevents possible illnesses or even treats your dog’s infection or illness. Although not to be considered as a replacement for vet care, colloidal silver is most certainly an inexpensive, natural alternative to pharmaceutical antibiotics for dogs and other pets.

Our customers have used Silverlab colloidal silver for dogs and other pets safely and successfully for all types of problems; such as eczema, feline aids, eye and ear infections.

Also, it has proven to be successful in treating wounds and burns fast, painlessly and easily.

Directions For Use For Colloidal Silver For Dogs & Other Animals

20ml of Silverlab Liquid over food three times a week.

Natural Health Tips For Pets by Jan J. Lategan

Dr Jan J Lategan was an independent scientific researcher, author, and lecturer on natural health in Welgemoed, South Africa. In his book, Natural Health Tips, Mr Lategan discusses colloidal silver for dogs & other animals and how much to use in treating animal ailments.

Below is an extraction from the book about colloidal silver for dogs and other pets (used with permission). Bookmark this page for future reference!

  • Skin Disorders
  • Itchy Ears
  • Eye Infections
  • Frequent Urination At Night

Skin Disorders

Cause: Dogs and cats often get skin disorders. Because it itches, they keep on licking or scratching the place which causes a wound.

Cure: Frequently spray colloidal silver on the wound. The animal will stop within 5 minutes to lick the wound because the silver ions kill all the germs within 4-6 minutes.

If the germs are dead, no infection can take place and the wound normally heals within one day.

Avoid cortisone injections, which heal the skin, but often affect the animal’s kidneys resulting in loss of urine control.

Itchy Ears

Cause: The animal shakes his head or persistently scratches his ears, possibly because of an infection in his ear.

Cure: Spray colloidal silver spray in its ears and the scratching will stop within 5 minutes. The silver ions kill the germs, which cause irritation, within 4-6 minutes.

Eye Infections

Cure: Spray colloidal silver spray directly into the eye for infections such as bloodshot eyes etc.

The colloidal silver contains 6-18 silver ions per million water molecules that make it completely safe to spray the eyes. ECS contains 5 parts per million; Silverlab contains 18 parts per million.

Frequent Urination at Night

Cause: Bladder infection leading to inflammation of the bladder.

Cure: Spray colloidal silver spray every 2 hours in his mouth to stop the infection. If it is difficult, a medicine spoon of colloidal silver twice per day on his food or in his water. Add 1-2 small teaspoons turmeric to his food to combat inflammation.

[Natural Health Tips 2012, p.23 – Jan J. Lategan]

Reproduced with permission.