Colloidal Silver for MRSA & Other Deadly Super-Pathogens

Why are medical authorities so suspiciously silent about this simple sure-fire cure for the deadly new MRSA super pathogens?


Newspaper headlines around the world are now ablaze with warnings from the health authorities regarding the rapid spread of the deadly flesh-eating MRSA (methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus) and a number of other drug-resistant “super pathogens“ that are now steadily moving into the general population.


More Deadly Than AIDS

And indeed, the headlines are well justified. According to the October 17, 2007 issue of The Journal of the American Medical Association, MRSA alone is now responsible for an estimated 94,000 life-threatening infections and a whopping 18,650 deaths annually, and the rate shows no sign of slowing.

That’s 2,650 more deaths per year than those caused by AIDS. In other words, MRSA is now killing more Americans each year than AIDS. And the only risky behavior you have to engage in to contract a deadly MRSA infection is…well…going out into crowded public places where it is so easily spread.


Medical Bureaucrats Hide the #1 Cure for MRSA!

Yet in spite of the growing human toll, the medical bureaucrats responsible for our health are suspiciously silent about the simple cure for this deadly disease, even though it has been well known among doctors and researchers for nearly 30 years.

You’d figure the health authorities would be chomping at the bits to let the public know how to protect themselves, now that these deadly, antibiotic resistant super pathogens are spreading rapidly from the confines of hospitals and jails into the sanctity of children’s nurseries, daycare centers, nursing homes, public schools, colleges, sports facilities, gymnasiums, restaurants, malls, churches and other public places where people gather together regularly. But they are not.

So what’s the problem?


Criminalizing the Cure for MRSA!

You see, instead of alerting the public to the cure for MRSA, the health authorities have instead waged a long, intractable warfare against it for the past 30 years. Indeed, the cure for MRSA was originally discovered by Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D. during his groundbreaking research into “incurable” infections at Syracuse Medical University, way back in the 1970’s!

Dr. Becker used the simple cure he had discovered to heal every “incurable” infection they brought to him, without fail. He even published the results of his research in peer-reviewed medical journals, knowing that what he had discovered would, quite literally, change the world.

But instead of accolades, he received anonymity. His research was shunned. And his funding was cut off. To alert the world to his findings, he published two books in the 1980’s and early 1990’s – The Body Electric and Cross Currents – both of which went on to become NY Times and LA Times bestsellers.

But since that time, the medical authorities have clamped down on information about the cure for MRSA. In fact, they have actually passed laws restricting information about it, even to the point of making it a criminal offense to tell the public about the cure for these deadly super-pathogens. It’s astonishing. Yet it’s absolutely true!

You’ll learn more about Dr. Becker’s work and the FDA’s indefensible actions in just a moment. But first…


So What Is This Forbidden Cure for MRSA?

So what exactly is this cure for MRSA and other superpathogens? You already know the answer. It is silver. That’s right. Silver – which has been known as the world’s most powerful natural antibiotic since long before the time of Christ – is the dead-on, no-holds-barred, bulls-eye cure for MRSA and other deadly super-pathogens.

It always has been. And it always will be. And we’ll prove it to you beyond any shadow of a doubt by the time you finish this report.

You see, silver is completely unlike anything man has ever been able to concoct in the laboratory. Unlike prescription antibiotic drugs, silver simply does not create resistance or immunity in the pathogens that are killed by it. In fact, as long as a particular type of pathogen is already sensitive to silver, it will die within minutes of exposure to it. Every time. Without fail.

Again, this information, while perhaps quite startling, is nothing new. In fact, Dr. Larry C. Ford, MD, while working at UCLA Medical School during the 1980’s, documented over 650 different disease-causing pathogens that were absolutely, positively, undoubtedly slaughtered in minutes when exposed to small amounts of silver.

Think about it. That makes silver the greatest broad-spectrum antibiotic of all times. No other natural substance on the face of the earth has the ability to kill so many pathogens, except perhaps for fire.


The Profoundly Air-Tight Case for Silver

As we mentioned above, it all started in the mid-1970s when Dr. Robert O. Becker began his groundbreaking research at Syracuse Medical University. He had been attempting to demonstrate his theory that small micro-currents of electricity could be used to make stubborn infected bone fractures heal completely. And during the course of his experiments, he began using silver electrodes in order to take advantage of silver’s well-known propensity to conduct electricity. But what he discovered in the process took him completely by surprise.

You see, not only did the micro-currents of electricity trigger the bone fractures to heal just as he had expected, but the tiny, electrically generated silver particles that were driven into the bone and surrounding tissue from the silver electrodes healed ALL nearby infections. Even rare and potentially deadly infections such as osteomyelitis were rapidly healed!

Dr. Becker later concluded:
“What we have done was rediscover the fact that silver kills bacteria, a fact which had actually been known for centuries …All of the organisms we tested were sensitive to the electrically generated silver ion, including some that were resistant to all known antibiotics…In no case were any undesirable side effects of the silver treatment apparent.”

Yes, indeed. Dr. Becker had re-discovered a fact that medical researchers of old had once known, but that had become lost to medicine ever since the age of prescription antibiotic drugs had been ushered in by the global pharmaceutical conglomerates during the 1930’s and 40’s. He had re-discovered the fact that silver – one of the world’s oldest and most powerful natural antibiotic substances – could kill just about any pathogen exposed to it. Even the most virulent of pathogens succumb to it with ease!

Silver’s innate ability to kill deadly microbes was actually common knowledge among doctors some 60 years before Becker’s time. In fact, back in the early 1900’s Alfred Searle, founder of the global Searle Pharmaceutical Company, had already discovered the fact that silver in its liquid colloidal form could kill even the most deadly of pathogens.

He wrote:
“Applying colloidal silver to human subjects has been done in a large number of cases with astonishingly successful results…it has the advantage of being rapidly fatal to microbes without toxic action on its host. It is quite stable. It protects rabbits from ten times the lethal dose of tetanus or diphtheria toxin.” (Colloids In Biology and Medicine, 1919, by Alfred Searle)

Fortunately, silver’s powerful infection-fighting qualities are finally gaining the attention of many top medical researchers and practitioners. For example, as Dr. Joseph Weissman, M.D. board certified immunologist and Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of California Medical School has recently stated:

“Today, many antibiotics are now losing the battle with germs. Fortunately, the best germ killer, which was discovered over 2,000 years ago, is finally getting the proper attention from medical science – natural silver. I sincerely recommend that everyone have electrically generated colloidal silver in their home as an antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal agent.”


Medical Bureaucrats Choose to Protect Drug Company Profits Over Saving Human Lives!

Unfortunately, the medical bureaucrats in the FDA and other agencies have been working on behalf of the major pharmaceutical companies to keep a heavy lid on this potentially life-saving information. That’s right. They have chosen to put pharmaceutical company profits over the saving of human life! How? By passing legislation that prevents distributors of electrically generated colloidal silver products from telling their customers exactly what silver is good for, and how to use it for maximum healing benefit!

Indeed, back in June of 1999, just about the time the deadly MRSA super-pathogens first began rearing their ugly heads in hospitals around the world, faceless bureaucrats in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration were busy issuing their “Final Ruling” on colloidal silver, stating that distributors could no longer tell consumers about its powerful antibiotic qualities in advertising or even on the labels of bottles of this potentially life-saving all-natural product!

Yes, even while Time and Newsweek magazines were featuring some of the first stories about the emergence of the deadly, antibiotic-resistant super-pathogens, the FDA was acting to protect pharmaceutical industry profits by instituting an iron-clad information blackout on the one all-natural substance – silver – that could do what the antibiotic drugs were failing to do: kill MRSA and the other deadly super-pathogens.

The bottom line is that nothing can be allowed to pose a challenge to the multi-billion dollar profits the drug industry reaps annually from their worldwide sales of prescription antibiotic drugs. Even when tens of thousands of human lives annually are at stake, including the lives of innocent school children, pharmaceutical company profits are deemed sacrosanct!

Silver Can’t Be Controlled or Monopolized by the Drug Companies!

You see, the drug industry is afraid of silver because it is a completely natural substance, and in its liquid colloidal form – the best form for human use – it cannot be patented and monopolized. In fact, with a simple, inexpensive device called a colloidal silver generator, anyone can turn pure silver into the specific liquid colloidal form most useful to fighting infections and healing the human body. And it can be done for only pennies a quart!

What’s more, because it is not a drug, anyone can sell it. Therefore, the pharmaceutical industry cannot maintain a monopoly on it, like they do with their overly-expensive and in many cases now-useless pharmaceutical antibiotic drugs.

That’s why, in order to protect their profits, the big drug companies successfully convinced their enforcement arm – the FDA – to restrict public knowledge about colloidal silver! And ever since that time there has been a tightly controlled blackout of publicly available information on colloidal silver and its usage.

With the exception of a handful of renegade internet web sites and offbeat natural health publishers who have defied the FDA and dared to bring this vital information to the attention of the American public, there is no mainstream way to learn how to properly use silver to cure infections.

As usual, the vast majority of Americans remain completely oblivious to the incredible infection-fighting power of silver, thanks to the iron-fisted control of the flow of information on it by the medical bureaucrats.


Four Brand New Clinical Studies: All the Proof You Need that Silver Is the Cure for MRSA!

As we mentioned earlier, it has now been over 30 years since Dr. Robert O. Becker M.D. re-discovered the amazing infection-fighting power of electrically generated silver ions against antibiotic-resistant super pathogens. Yet in that time, very little new research has been done to confirm Dr. Becker’s amazing findings – until now, that is.

Fortunately, over the course of the past year and a half, not one, but four surprising new studies have confirmed Dr. Becker’s original findings, demonstrating the fact that silver is the #1 agent of choice in the battle against MRSA and other deadly antibiotic-resistant super pathogens.

We’ll look at each of those four studies in just a moment. Keep in mind that the FDA doesn’t have much control over private universities and their medical research departments, so there was nothing they could do to stop the study (detailed below) conducted at Brigham Young University which demonstrates that silver kills MRSA.

The FDA also has no control over studies conducted by the medical research departments of foreign universities, so we will look at three additional such studies below, each of which prove that silver kills MRSA.

What’s more, recent news media accounts of a man from Georgia who cured his own MRSA with silver have made quite a splash, so we’ll take a look at that eye-opening story also, directly below.

And we’ll look at another news story that has made international headlines, in which a British man cured a very stubborn MRSA infection with colloidal silver.

And finally, we’ll take a look at the battle brewing between two government bureaucracies, i.e., the FDA, which restricts colloidal silver from being labeled as an infection-fighting agent, and the EPA, which recently allowed one manufacturer of a colloidal silver product to state right on the label that it wipes out several forms of MRSA, as well as Avian Influenza (yes, Bird Flu), Human Corona virus (SARS), and other deadly pathogens!

Here is a brief synopsis of this recently revealed good news regarding the incredible infection-fighting qualities of silver, proving beyond any shadow of a doubt its ability to kill the flesh-eating MRSA and other deadly pathogens – often in just minutes!

Case #1:

A Brigham-Young Clinical Study Proves Silver Kills MRSA – In this study, conducted quietly in October 2006 at the Department of Microbiology/Molecular Biology of Brigham-Young University, and published in the journal Current Science, Vol. 91, No. 7, October 10, 2006, it was found that a number of the antibiotic drugs which formerly killed MDR (multiple drug-resistant) pathogens such as MRSA could actually be restored to full efficacy against the deadly pathogens, but only if a liquid silver solution similar to colloidal silver was used in conjunction with the drug!

The researchers wrote:
“Silver–Water–Dispersion™ solution has been shown as an effective antibiotic against many Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and multiple drug-resistant (MDR) strains (Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa). As high level acquired resistance to conventional antibiotics is frequent, it seems reasonable to use combination therapy in order to achieve bactericidal synergism. Active silver solutions have shown marked activity against proven bacterial-resistant strains. Hence, a range of antibiotics were tested with Silver–Water Dispersion™ solution to determine antagonism, additive and synergistic effects against a panel of microbial strains… It is clear that the combination will allow a more complete clearing of the pathological organism.”

In short, what the researchers found is that when they used the liquid silver solution in conjunction with the antibiotic drugs that had previously lost their effectiveness against MRSA and other deadly super pathogens, the antibiotics began to work again. The synergism between silver and the antibiotic drugs brought the deadly pathogens back under control. Since the antibiotic drugs had previously lost their effectiveness against the super pathogens, this clearly demonstrates that the silver was the deciding factor in the deaths of the deadly pathogens!

Case #2:

Iranian Clinical Study Proves Silver Increases Effectiveness of Antibiotic Drugs Against Staph – This study was conducted by the Department of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and Medical Nanotechnology Research Center, Faculty of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences at the University of Tehran, Iran. Say what you will about the Iranians, but when they do a medical study, they do it up right. Apparently Iranian scientists were two full months ahead of the Brigham-Young team above in proving that the addition of silver to antibiotic drugs boosts their ability to kill resistant staphylococcus aureaus.

The study was called, “Synthesis and effect of silver nanoparticles on the antibacterial activity of different antibiotics against Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli.” In part, the researchers demonstrated:

“Silver nanoparticles (Ag-NPs) have been known to have inhibitory and bactericidal effects. Resistance to antimicrobial agents by pathogenic bacteria has emerged in recent years and is a major health problem. …these [silver] nanoparticles were evaluated for their part in increasing the antimicrobial activities of various antibiotics against Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli. The antibacterial activities of penicillin G, amoxicillin, erythromycin, clindamycin, and vancomycin were increased in the presence of silver nano-particles (Ag-NPs) against both test strains. The highest enhancing effects were observed for vancomycin, amoxicillin, and penicillin G against S. aureus.”

So once again we see that it is the addition of silver to the three specific antibiotics (vancomycin, amoxicillin and penicillin) that almost magically renews the effectiveness of each of these antibiotic drugs against today’s most deadly pathogens, including staphylococcus aureus (aka MRSA). Silver, as usual, is the key!

Case #3:

Taiwanese Clinical Study Proves Colloidal Silver By Itself Kills MRSA – Another study, this one conducted in Taiwan, also demonstrated that silver colloids kill both MRSA and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, another deadly and extremely opportunistic superbug. In this study, a special colloidal silver solution was tested on contact surfaces where the deadly pathogens are known to colonize, and from which they can spread to humans. The silver solution proved to be completely effective against both the MRSA and Pseudomonas super pathogens.

The study, which demonstrated conclusively that silver could be applied to contact surfaces to stop colonies of MRSA super pathogens from forming, was titled, “Formation of colloidal silver nanoparticles stabilized by Na(+)-poly(gamma-glutamic acid)-silver nitrate complex via chemical reduction process,” and was conducted at the Department of Textile Science, Nanya Institute of Technology, Chung-Li, Tao-Yuan, Taiwan. It was published in the journal Colloids Surface B Biointerfaces in October 2007.

Case #4:

Czech Clinical Study Proves Silver Particles Kill MRSA – This study was conducted at the Department of Physical Chemistry at Palacky University in the Czech Republic. It was later published in the prestigious Journal of Physical Chemistry B in August 2006. Titled “Silver colloidal nanoparticles: synthesis, characterization, and their antibacterial activity,” the study demonstrated that…

“…silver particles with a narrow size distribution with an average size of 25 nm, which showed high antimicrobial and bactericidal activity against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, including highly multi-resistant strains such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).” The study further demonstrated that very low concentrations of silver could be utilized to destroy MRSA, as long as the silver particles were very small, averaging 25 nm.

Once again we see silver showing “high antimicrobial and bactericidal activity” against “highly multi-resistant strains” including MRSA.

So why haven’t the medical bureaucrats been shouting from the rooftops about this? Because they do not want to jeopardize the multi-billion dollar annual sales of prescription antibiotic drugs by telling the world that something as simple and inexpensive to produce as colloidal silver could solve the whole problem and save tens or perhaps even hundreds of thousands of lives worldwide every year.

Even when studies show that liquid colloidal silver taken in conjunction with failed antibiotic drugs actually restores the antibacterial activity of those drugs, the FDA still doesn’t budge. It won’t admit it has been wrong all along about silver!


The News Media Begins to Catch On To Silver’s Incredible Infection-Fighting Power Against MRSA!

The evidence for silver continues to grow so strongly that even the news media is being forced to acknowledge it.

For example, in late October of last year, silver was shown to cure a confirmed MRSA infection in an Albany, Georgia man whose doctor had ordered immediate surgery to remove his infected tissues. As you’ll see in the story below, the emergency surgery never had to take place, thanks to the infection-fighting power of silver.

What’s more, in Corby, Britain, an 82-year old man who contracted a serious case of MRSA after a hospital operation, and could not be cured by the hospital doctors, did his own research and began pouring colloidal silver directly onto the infected surgical wound daily. His cure astonished his doctors. Here are the details on both news stories:

Albany, Georgia Man Cures His Own MRSA Infection With Silver – According to WALB News 10 in Georgia, an Albany, GA man has cured his own MRSA infection with silver. It was in October 2007 that Bryan Spell and his wife Ruth of Albany, GA were on their way out of town when he noticed a bump on his neck, next to a shaving nick. Within a few days is swelled so badly it was nearly choking off his breathing. Lab results confirmed the skin infection was being caused by MRSA. Spell’s doctor ordered immediate surgery to remove the infected tissue before the infection could become blood borne and present a threat to his life. But Spell had heard of a special medical patch that released tiny silver ions into infected wounds, and asked his doctor if he could try that first. His doctor agreed and Spell had the patch applied. Within three days his MRSA infection was completely cured. The patch, called Mepilex Ag, is made by Molnlycke Healthcare of Sweden.

82-Year Old British Man Cures His MRSA Infection With Colloidal Silver – According to the Evening Telegraph, one of Britain’s most respected newspapers, an 82-year old British man named David Sharman contracted an extremely tough MRSA infection directly after a hospital surgery. The hospital doctors apparently could not stop the stubborn infection. Says Sharman, “I was determined to help myself and began using colloidal silver directly on my wound daily.” After effecting his own cure, Mr. Sharman told the Evening Telegraph, “Getting MRSA doesn’t have to mean the end of the road. I could feel myself slowly getting better, and the day I got the all-clear was an extremely happy day for my whole family.” Dr. Richard Slack, a microbiologist who works in infection control, was contacted by the Evening Telegraph for an opinion on the case. He stated “The silver is quite a good antibiotic used in burn units because it does kill MRSA and other bacteria that cause wound infections.”


Even More Proof!

Finally, as mentioned earlier, it appears we now have a case of one government bureaucracy contradicting another.

As you are probably aware, when the FDA ruled in June of 1999 that you can no longer make label claims or advertising claims for the infection-fighting qualities of colloidal silver, they took great pains to state that their ruling applied to internal as well as external use of colloidal silver products.

Yet now we have the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) granting the manufacturers of a liquid colloidal silver product the right to state that their product, which is marketed for external “surface disinfection” use only, has the ability to kill MRSA as well as other deadly super pathogens, and can do so in only moments! Here are the details:

EPA Forced to Admit Silver Kills MRSA and Other Deadly Pathogens – In another stunning development, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was forced to admit that a patented liquid silver solution called Axen30™️ when used as a surface disinfectant had the ability to kill multiple strains of MRSA plus additional deadly pathogens such as Avian Influenza A (Bird Flu), Human Corona virus (SARS), Feline Calicivirus (Norovirus), Rotavirus, Campylobacter jjejuni and Acinetobacter baumannii. Their product, which underwent extensive clinical testing, is now used as a firstline disinfectant on cruise liners, in order to prevent serious outbreaks of infection among the passengers and crews.

What’s more, after viewing the clinical study results which were apparently submitted by the manufacturer, the EPA allowed the makers of Axen30™️ silver solution to use a two-minute kill claim for MRSA, and a three-minute kill claim for Human Coronavirus and Rotavirus on their label.

This means the EPA recognizes the fact that the electrically generated liquid colloidal silver substance was clinically proven to kill these deadly pathogens within just two to three minutes of contact!


And Here’s Even More Proof Silver Kills MRSA!

The BBC News recently reported that hospital workers in Britain and Austria are hoping that a special dressing impregnated with silver will prove to be the best weapon yet in the fight against MRSA.

That’s because, for more than a year Professor Robert Strohal, associate professor of dermatology at the Federal Academic Hospital in Feldkirch, studied the effectiveness of a silver-impregnated dressing, called Acticoat, which works by releasing silver ions into MRSA infected wounds for up to seven days, ridding the patient of the infection.

Professor Strohal found that as soon as he covered the infected wound with the silver-laced dressing, they became 95% non-infectious, meaning the infectious microbes were unable to spread to other hospital patients, doctors or nurses.

He was later quoted by BBC News as saying:
“I was shocked by the results. I never expected them to be that effective…The dressing does not allow the infection to escape, which means any nurses and doctors that come into contact with the patient do not then get the bug and pass it on to other patients…This could have a dramatic effect if it is adopted as standard practice in countries like the UK and US where MRSA is a real problem.”


MRSA v/s “Killer Silver Pajamas”?

Since that time, hospitals in Britain have been testing pajamas and bed linen made of a special fabric that is impregnated with silver, as a means of stopping the spread of MRSA dead in its tracks. Over the course of the next year, the specially created fabrics are being used at the Lister Hospital in the city of Stevenage, in Hertfordshire, England. Says Dr. Peter Wilson, a consulting microbiologist:

“A successful trial would transform the way we tackle certain infections, particularly MRSA…Silver is known to be a very efficient agent against infection and also very safe. These trials will mean we can prove its effectiveness.”


Hospitals to Use a $250,000 “Silver Bullet Machine”

According to another British newspaper, The Sun, a $250,000 machine has been developed to spray a special aerosol silver mist throughout British hospitals, in order to stop the spread of the deadly MRSA super pathogens. The newspaper reveals:

“Experts have long known silver is deadly to the superbug and is highly toxic to some other bacteria as well. It is already used in plasters and hospital dressings. But now medics from Leicester University have created a generator that divides pieces of silver into billions of tiny particles. It then suspends them in liquid glycerol to be put into aerosols. The particles are small enough to pass inside bacteria but do not kill human cells. The $250,000 machine’s inventor, Professor Chris Binns, said medical trials will start within the year. He also believes the silver ‘bullets’ produced by his machine could be used to fight HIV.”


Wound Care Company Claims New Study Shows Silver Beats MRSA

A new study from a wound care company called AcryMed confirms earlier findings that silver is a highly effective antimicrobial against MRSA and may be used topically to prevent the spread of infection.

“The results of our laboratory testing show that the infection fighting properties of silver is quite effective in killing the MRSA strain,” said Bruce Gibbins, founder and CTO of AcryMed. “Used in medical dressings or in ointment form, silver can be an extremely useful first defense in stopping MRSA before it develops into a systemic infection. Moreover, due to the nature of antimicrobial silver, it is highly unlikely that MRSA or other developing strains of staph infections will ever build immunities to silver as they have to penicillin and some topical antibiotics.”

According to Gibbins, the use of topical silver antimicrobial products in fighting infections also serves to reduce the overuse of antibiotics. This, in turn, can delay the growing immunity that these bugs are quickly building against penicillin and other commonly used antibiotics.


The Truly Good News!

The truly good news is this: You don’t need a $500 pair of silver-laced pajamas or bed sheets, or a $100 set of silver-laced bandage dressings or even a $250,000 silver aerosol-making machine to take advantage of the phenomenal infection-fighting power of silver.

After all, pure, unadulterated, high-quality colloidal silver can be purchased at just about any health food store in America for about $30 for a four ounce bottle. Or, it can be made for a tiny fraction of that cost (about 36 cents a quart), quickly and easily, in the comfort and privacy of your own home, using a simple, safe, inexpensive, low-voltage Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge.

In fact, colloidal silver is so simple to make, anyone can do it. You simply fill a quart glass jar with pure distilled water (available at Wal-Mart for under a dollar a gallon), plug the machine in and set it on top of the glass jar so that two pure silver rods dangle into the water.

Then you set the timer for three hours, plug the machine in, and walk away. Yes, you just set it, and forget it. And three hours later it shuts off by itself and you have a perfect batch of the highest quality colloidal silver possible. It’s that simple!


So Easy to Use!

For phenomenally rapid healing, you can soak gauze bandages in colloidal silver and apply them to infected wounds to stop a deadly MRSA infection from developing and getting into the blood stream. Do this before bed, leaving it on all night, and watch how quickly the infection or inflammation goes away!

If you get a serious internal infection and you prefer to use prescription antibiotics, you can ask your doctor about taking a little colloidal silver along with them, just to make sure. After all, MRSA and other infections from super pathogens are not something to mess around with. They can be a death sentence, and they are spreading rapidly into the population.

Again, according to news reports, up to 30% of the people you come into contact with daily have MRSA actually living on their skin. That’s how prevalent it is, and why health authorities worldwide are so worried. The growth of MRSA and related super pathogen infections throughout the population is almost inevitable, because they are so easily spread from person to person and from public contact surface (such as door handles, bathroom faucets, countertops, shopping carts, etc) to contact surface.

But as demonstrated in the Brigham-Young study detailed earlier in this report, antibiotic drugs that previously worked against the MRSA and other superbug infections but no longer do because of the mutations of the pathogens, actually begin to work again when silver is used in conjunction with the antibiotic!

(We’re not doctors. But personally, we believe it is purely the silver that is working, and the antibiotics could probably be left out altogether. But hey…why take chances? If you have a suspected super-infection and your doctor agrees that you should take the two together for double protection, why not? We have had a number of our readers tell us that infections they suffered from that were unresponsive to prescription antibiotic drugs suddenly cleared up like magic when they began using colloidal silver along with their antibiotics!)

The bottom line is this: Just because the medical bureaucrats don’t want you to know about it, doesn’t mean you can’t take maximum protective advantage of it.