Discover the Benefits of Ionicᐩ Colloidal Silver

Why Is Silverlab’s Ionicᐩ Colloidal Silver Trusted by Doctors?

  • Synexa, CSIR, SABS, NOSA, and Disease Control Africa have tested Silverlab’s ionicᐩ Colloidal Silver to be effective. 
  • Silverlab has taken a trusted product that has been successfully used for thousands of years and added scientific relevance to it. 
  • The range is available online and also at leading pharmacies and health shops without a prescription.

Why Is Ionic+ Colloidal Silver Safe?

  • Used at 18 parts per million (18 ppm) ionicᐩ Colloidal Silver has little or no potential for toxicity while having a significant potential for clinical benefit. 
  • Silver is a natural trace mineral. 


MultiSupport LIQUID™ can be gargled, nebulised, or taken orally to combat infections, colds & flu.

Dual-Action: Your first line of defence against infections and to combat inflammation.

Boost your immune system. In ionicᐩ form, the range is proven to be more effective, yet is a natural trace mineral and has a favourable safety profile. Sizes: 200 ml, 500 ml, 1 L & 2.5 L