Drinking Colloidal Silver Safety Questions

How much is too much of Silverlab Colloidal Silver?

When adults drink Silverlab Colloidal Silver Liquid (18 ppm), it is advisable to use up to 8 litres per year only.

This can be done every year for 70 years. That equates to 555 litres in your lifetime. So 556 litres may be too much. Source: World Health Organisation and FDA, EPA.

How much Daily Immune Booster Liquid is too much?

Even at the full dosage of drinking 555 litres, if a person notices any sign of argyria (a slight blue tint to the skin), he or she may stop using Silverlab Liquid and the condition will immediately stop progressing. The famous Paul Karison drank a large glass of homemade Colloidal Silver of unknown strength twice per day for 25-years. This was more than ten times the recommended dose (i.e. 320 ml x 2 x 365 x 25 years is 5 840 litres), and when he started turning blue he continued taking it. Why? Because he preferred the blue skin tinge to the severe eczema that plagued him. We believe that he did not exercise either wisdom or caution. He continued using it until he passed away from a condition unrelated to the eczema or the use of colloidal silver.

The above relates to an average person of 70 kg mass. 

For more details on dosages, click here or download the weight specific Silverlab Health Reboot Protocol here.

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