FDA Ready to Bring Down the Hammer on Colloidal Silver Vendors. (Ebola)

Anyone who’s been reading Steve Barwick’s Colloidal Silver Secrets ezine for any length of time, or who’s read his 547-page book The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual, knows he’s one of the world’s most ardent advocates for the safe, sane and responsible usage of colloidal silver.

But he’s also a huge advocate of truth. “I try my hardest to keep the record straight and give readers the facts about colloidal silver as best I understand them, based on my 20 years worth of journalistic research into the topic of making and using colloidal silver.

But because there’s so much rank sensationalism and misleading nonsense about colloidal silver being published online these days, sometimes working to keep the record straight is as frustrating as standing on the shore of the ocean and yelling at the waves to stop.

And that’s especially true since the Ebola crisis started and people began touting colloidal silver as a “proven cure” for Ebola, when in reality it has never been proven to “cure” Ebola at all.

Now, it appears the FDA (Food and Drug Administration, USA) is striding firmly onto the scene, and making legal threats against companies and individuals who are touting colloidal silver and other natural health products as “Ebola cures.”

In a previous article, I warned readers that the medical bureaucrats would step into the fray if people didn’t quit falsely claiming colloidal silver is the proven “cure” for Ebola. Here’s what’s happening now, and why I fear for the freedom of the colloidal silver community if these false claims aren’t stopped soon…”


Hi, Steve Barwick here, for The Silver Edge…

As the Washington Post article at this link points out, the FDA is now getting ready to bring the hammer of Thor down on companies that make claims like “colloidal silver cures Ebola.”

In my previous article titled “Dr. Rima’s Ebola/Nanosilver Nonsense,” I warned that this would happen. And I implored readers not to fall for all of the hype about Ebola, and especially not to listen to people claiming colloidal silver is the “cure” for Ebola, since that’s an outright misrepresentation of the facts.

In fact, I stated, “When we start making wild, Free BBW Dating broad-based claims that simply can’t be substantiated, it’s going to bring the medical bureaucrats into the fray, whose sole job is to protect the interests of the medical monopoly.”

And I also stated, “When we cross the line from stating the facts to claiming cures that have never been proven for something like Ebola, we invite the medical bureaucrats in. And that’s when the ‘wrath of Khan’ begins, if you get my meaning.”

Now, precisely as I feared, the medical authorities along with authorities from the Federal Trade Commission are knocking on Dr. Rima’s door. In fact, on September 23, 2014 they showed up at the office of one of the trustees of her foundation with a legal warning in hand, demanding Dr. Rima stop making unsubstantiated claims that her nanosilver product is a “cure” for Ebola.

Folks, the FDA and the FTC don’t show up at your front door with a legal notice in hand unless they’re very pissed off. You see, making the claim that “colloidal silver cures Ebola” is tantamount to waving a red flag in front of the FDA and other medical bureaucracies and saying “Come and get us.”

If you had clinical proof of such a claim, then fine, tout your proof. Scream it from the rooftops. Heck, I’ll help you. I’ll publish your proof…I’ll give you full credit…and I’ll use every resource at my disposal to publicize your proof from here to Tanzania and back.

But when the supposed “proof” is based on half-truths and sensationalistic exaggerations of the available evidence, then there’s going to be trouble every single time because the medical bureaucrats are always on the lookout for reasons to ban safe, natural substances like colloidal silver that directly compete with Big Pharma’s cornucopia of toxic drugs.


The Bee in the FDA’s Bonnet

As I mentioned, right now the great big bee in the FDA’s bonnet is the claim that colloidal silver cures Ebola.

This claim is being spread all over the internet. It’s not just Dr. Rima, at this point. It’s everywhere.

What’s more, people are mindlessly reposting links to the websites making these claims all over social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest and others. This can only serve to even further enrage the medical bureaucrats.

Indeed, I just now read a web page called “Cure for Cancer, AIDS and Ebola.” Links to this site are being posted all over the place. So what’s the problem? Well, the site makes spurious claims like “Colloidal silver cures Ebola,” and “UCLA studies show colloidal silver cures every virus known to man.”

Frankly, it’s very frustrating to see web pages like this. For example, the erroneous claims that “UCLA studies show colloidal silver kills every virus known to man” is a complete crock. UCLA has not conducted any studies on colloidal silver and “every virus known to man.” Not ever.

Now it’s true that back in the late 1980’s a researcher named Larry C. Ford used a laboratory at UCLA for a short period of time to do some private, independent research on a colloidal silver product he was helping another individual develop.

But he didn’t do this work under the auspices of UCLA. He did it on his own, in private, using a lab at UCLA. And UCLA later disavowed his research, because it was conducted in private on behalf of a commercial product without their knowledge.

If my memory serves me right, at the time Larry C. Ford (now deceased) claimed that in his private research the colloidal silver brand he was testing killed somewhere around 105 different pathogens.

But now, the claims about Larry C. Ford’s private research in a UCLA lab have morphed into the claim that “UCLA has proven colloidal silver kills every virus known to man.” And many of the liars making this claim are using it as a means of touting colloidal silver as an “Ebola virus cure.”

Nothing could be further from the truth, of course. Indeed, Larry C. Ford’s private research was conducted chiefly on bacteria, not viruses, and certainly not “every virus known to man.”

Just today (September 27, 2014), I even read one website that stated with supreme confidence, “UCLA medical lab researchers found silver to be effective on every virus they tested it on including Pseudomonas acruginose.”

That particular quote made me laugh out loud. First of all, it’s not Pseudomonas “acruginose.” It’s Pseudomonas aeruginosa.” And more importantly, that’s a bacterium, not a virus. Anyone who doesn’t know the difference between a bacteria and a virus should not be writing health articles.

It’s these kinds of wild, sensationalistic and completely uneducated claims that cause the FDA to go ballistic and start threatening colloidal silver vendors.

And unfortunately, phony claims like this put everybody in the colloidal silver community under the microscope of the medical bureaucrats, which is why we all ought to be outraged about them.


Colloidal Silver Does Kill Viruses

Yes, it’s true that colloidal silver has been demonstrated in test tube clinical studies to kill quite a wide variety of viruses, or at least to stop them from replicating (see the clinical studies discussed on the Colloidal Silver Kills Viruses website, at this link).

And yes, there are reams of anecdotal evidence from people all over the world attesting to the fact that colloidal silver has helped heal a number of different types of viral infections.

But colloidal silver certainly has not been proven to kill “every virus known to man.” Otherwise, there’d be no AIDS patients, no Ebola victims, no Hepatitis C sufferers, no herpes virus sufferers, etc.

Viral diseases would have already been completely eradicated if colloidal silver was actually proven to kill “every virus known to man.” After all, colloidal silver is available in every well-stocked health food store in America, and it has been for decades. It’s not like anyone in this country is physically stopping others from using it.

Indeed, if colloidal silver had actually been clinically proven to “kill every virus known to man,” it would be the world’s most popular nutritional supplement. But the claim is completely false, not to mention ludicrous at face value.


No Ebola Cure

As Mike Adams pointed out in his great article titled, “FDA Threatens Three Companies with Criminal Charges for Making Ebola Treatment Claims”:

Here at Natural News, I’ve consistently repeated that NOTHING has yet been proven to treat, prevent or cure Ebola. Thus, all medicines – natural, conventional or otherwise – are ‘experimental and unproven’ by definition.

Now, that’s the flat-out truth of the matter. And I applaud Mike for telling it like it is.

The FDA’s so-called “Ebola drugs” are experimental and unproven. And so are any natural substances said to have antiviral qualities, including colloidal silver. They’re all “experimental and unproven” in regards to Ebola, because to date not a single human being has been clinically “cured” of Ebola through the use of any of them.

So to say something like “colloidal silver kills every virus known to man” and “colloidal silver cures Ebola virus,” is so egregiously false, it simply invites the medical bureaucrats to step in and start cracking heads, euphemistically speaking, of course.


Agent Provacateurs?

Sometimes I get the feeling that some of the people making these demonstrably false claims online are, in reality, agent provacateurs whose job it is to give the medical bureaucrats precisely the ammunition they need to bring the hammer down hard on the entire colloidal silver community.

I urge readers to shun websites that are causing this kind of trouble and bringing this kind of unneeded scrutiny upon the colloidal silver community. Don’t re-post the links to their articles or web pages. Don’t spread their lies. Don’t play right into the hands of the medical bureaucrats.

Let this sensationalistic nonsense die on the vine before the FDA decides to start using these false claims as a reason to have colloidal silver banned from sale as a nutritional supplement, just like the health authorities in Europe did only a few short years ago.

It’s hard enough combating the lies being told about colloidal silver by its detractors. But when the lies come from people claiming to be colloidal silver advocates, then we’ve got real problems because it always gets the medical authorities involved.

Let’s keep the colloidal silver community free of unnecessary scrutiny by the medical bureaucrats. Let’s stick with the science. And if you want to conjecture about whether or not colloidal silver might be effective for this disease or that – including Ebola – then dang it, be honest and label it “conjecture” or “opinion.” But don’t state it as fact, if there’s no solid proof to back it up.

The truth is, colloidal silver is an absolutely amazing, broad-spectrum natural antimicrobial substance. That’s been proven over and over again clinically, as well as by the personal experiences of tens of thousands of individuals worldwide.

But as I’ve repeatedly stated over the past 20 years, colloidal silver is not “God.” It can’t kill every pathogen known to man. It’s never been proven to “kill every virus known to man.” And anyone who says it has is a liar, or is empty-headedly repeating someone else’s lie.

Meanwhile, I’ll be back next week with another great article on colloidal silver….


Yours for the safe, sane and responsible use of colloidal silver,

Steve Barwick, author
(Article shortened slightly)