Health Reboot After The Pandemic

Feeling fatigued after the pandemic? You could be suffering from the after-effects of infection. So why not consider rebooting your health with Silverlab’s liquid Immune Booster? Silverlab’s liquid Immune Booster combats infection, inflammation and repairs cell damage. To revitalise your family’s health, download Silverlab’s FREE Health Reboot Protocol below.

Your Health Reboot Protocol

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Your Health Reboot Logbook

Silverlab’s liquid Immune Booster is available at Dis-Chem, Clicks, Wellness Warehouse, Takealot, selected health shops, pharmacies and Spar. Or shop online “here”. 

Health Reboot Logbook

For candidates wanting to use the Health Reboot Protocol, this is a log to simplify the daily intake of Silverlab’s Daily Immune Booster.

Enter your weight, start date and desired intake time (morning), and this Excel spreadsheet automatically computes your daily intake. You can then print just the pages as per your choice of how many months you want to partake.