Colloidal Silver for Sunburn


As little as 20 minutes outside on a sunny day may leave you searching the internet for ways on how to treat sunburn! Your skin is injured, and are losing the much needed water or moisture to the environment (also called transepidermal water loss). As a result, it will lose its ability to protect you from the environment.


What Happens To Your Body During Sunburn?

The ultraviolet radiation of the sun damages molecules in the skin, most importantly DNA.

Although the body does have mechanisms to repair this damaged DNA, as the frequency of sunlight exposure increases, so, too, does the probability that some of that damage will escape repair.

This mutated DNA may eventually lead to skin cancer.

Consequently, if you forgot to daub yourself with SPF 30 or higher, it is essential that you know how to treat sunburn, in order to prevent further damage from taking place.


How To Treat Sunburn

Colloidal silver is a powerful, natural infection-fighting agent and is known to be helpful for healing a wide variety of skin conditions, ranging from minor cuts to bug bites, from boils to sunburn.

Fortunately, most sunburns are considered first degree burns and do not usually require a trip to an emergency room.


Silverlab Colloidal Silver

Silverlab is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high quality ionised colloidal silver products.

It’s not the conventional “colloidal silver” product that many consumers have been exposed to. Instead, it is a highly developed and independently tested ionised silver solution.

Silverlab Healing Gel or Liquid Spray has a five-fold effect on burned skin: Cooling and soothing (reduces pain), reduces redness, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial (protects from infection).

The reason Silverlab products work so well for sunburn care is because of its anti-inflammatory action. The base of all of our products is 18 ppm ionic silver liquid. This has been tested in an independent laboratory in Cape Town by Professor Patrick Bouic.1

Prof. Bouic also tested the Liquid against Melanoma, a type of skin cancer that puts fear into most doctors. Professor Bouic concluded: “Regular application of the product directly onto lesions may lead to eventual death of tumour cells if the cellular proliferation is inhibited long-term.”2


Directions on How to Treat Sunburn with Silverlab Colloidal Silver

  • Silverlab Healing Gel was designed especially for burns and sunburn. Apply liberally as needed. You will find that the pain, inflammation and redness are reduced within minutes.
  • Keep Silverlab Liquid handy so that you can promptly apply the liquid to the burnt area with a soft cotton bud. This immediately relieves the pain, discomfort and itchiness.
  • Apply cool compresses soaked with a solution of Silverlab Liquid to the burned area.
  • If the skin is a little past the acute sunburn stage and is beginning to peel, applying Silverlab Healing Cream will soothe the red, tender, irritation.Most importantly, it will assist in repairing the immediate damage that the sun has done. This damage causes a decrease in the normal barrier function of the skin.

Many substances or products that come into contact with the skin (the cleansers, astringents or lotions) will cause irritation, stinging or burning.

Silverlab Colloidal Silver contributes to the physiological reconstitution of the intercellular cement of the skin, thus helping repair sun-induced damage.


Other Tips On How to Treat Sunburn

  • Do not use any form of soap or cleaner on your skin during bath or shower times.
  • Gently remove dead, peeling skin cells WITHOUT pulling the skin off.
    • Don’t use a loofa or puff to exfoliate (the newly forming skin beneath the peeling skin is very delicate).
    • Bathe/shower once or twice a day with lukewarm water and use a soft washcloth.
    • Or use a disposable cleansing cloth to remove the peeling. The cloths will gently remove the dead skin and you can literally throw the dead, peeling skin away after the bath/shower. Make sure that you select cloths for dry or sensitive skin and that you don’t rub too vigorously.

At this point your skin should be less sensitive and prone to stinging and burning, but continuing to apply Silverlab Healing Cream should keep the skin moisturized and act as a barrier to infection as well as moisturize it.

Finally, by all means, don’t go back in the sun unless you want an instant burn. And remember, it is never too late to start wearing a sunscreen! Try an SPF 30 for your body and an even stronger one for the face.

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  1. ‘Anti-inflammatory activity of Ionised Silver 18 ppm,’ Synexa Life Sciences (July 2007). “The results obtained clearly show the anti-inflammatory action of ionised Ag in vitro. At a final concentration of 4.503 ppm (25%) ionised Ag was able to inhibit the production of IL-6 and TNF-α around 5 times compared with the stimulated control. This anti-inflammatory activity was still demonstrated at a final Ag concentration of 1.126 ppm (6.25%) and inhibited the release of the cytokines by a factor of 3.”
  2. Professor Patrick Bouic, ‘Effects of Ionised Silver 18 ppm on 2 Melanoma cell lines,’ Synexa Life Sciences (July 2007).