Ionicᐩ Colloidal Silver Bullet for Your Health Arsenal

It’s no secret that silver has been used for centuries to fight human disease, but now a newer, more streamlined version of this ancient remedy is gaining fresh attention for its ability to blitz germs and accelerate wellness.

Ongoing research by medical doctors and scientists worldwide is continuing to provide evidence that colloidal silver:

    • Targets and eliminates harmful viruses, bacteria and fungi;
    • Reduces inflammation;
    • Boosts immunity; and
    • Prevents wound infection and enhances cell restoration.

As the renowned surgeon and scientist Dr Wesley Alexander noted: “Silver has been used for at least six millennia to prevent microbial infections. It has been effective against almost all organisms tested and has been used to treat numerous infections and non-infectious conditions, sometimes with striking success.”

So, What is Colloidal Silver and What Can It Do for Your Body? 

Colloidal silver is a liquid in which billions of tiny particles of silver are suspended. It was popular as an antibiotic in the early 1900s but diminished in use with the advance of pharmaceuticals. In recent years, however, interest in colloidal silver has been reignited as research continues to highlight new benefits for its use in health and wellness. It has also been shown, when taken correctly, to have a favourable safety profile.

Blitzing Germs

Colloidal silver is primarily recognised for its ability to target harmful germs. Multiple studies show that colloidal silver particles can identify and lock onto a wide range of viruses and unhealthy bacteria and fungi, and it starves, suffocates and sterilises them. When these cannot reproduce, infections cannot spread. And because colloidal silver is target-specific, good flora are preserved.

Anti-inflammatory Properties

Colloidal silver also has anti-inflammatory properties. Most sickness and disease has an inflammatory component. When inflammation gets out of hand, the body attacks itself, resulting in cellular damage. Colloidal silver interrupts and down-regulates this cycle, thereby soothing inflammation and stabilises the body’s functions. In such a state the body can better heal itself.  

Immune Boosting Benefits

As inflammation is reduced by means of colloidal silver, cellular balance is restored, and the immune system accelerates. This process, known as immune modulation, facilitates the body’s natural ability to flush out toxins and recover. A weakened immune system may result in increased susceptibility to many types of conditions. Boosting the immune system with colloidal silver may result in a decrease in the prevalence and severity of infections. 

Adding to colloidal silver’s immune boosting potential is its status as a natural good trace mineral. Throughout history people have ingested silver as part of their daily food intake, but because soil is now generally so depleted of minerals, this dietary source of silver has been dramatically reduced. The problem with a silver deficiency is that it has been linked to compromised immunity and increased ill health.

When colloidal silver is taken as a daily tonic, it raises silver levels and enhances immune support. In simple terms, it has the potential to help the body to heal itself. 

Cell Restoration and Wound Healing

Another remarkable benefit of colloidal silver is its ability to help human tissue heal. This is not only because it kills infection-causing microbes, but because it stimulates regrowth of damaged cells. So says Syracuse Medical University pioneering surgeon, Dr Robert Becker. It is for this reason that colloidal silver is so helpful in managing burn wounds, cuts, and scrapes.

How Should Colloidal Silver Be Used?

Colloidal silver offers a first line of defence against infections and inflammation throughout the body – including in the lungs, eyes, ears, mouth and gut. It can also be used for uro-genital hygiene, burn and wound care, and general skin care. There are various options for administering it – orally in recommended doses, inhaling it through a nebuliser, or spraying it on topically in liquid form, or rubbing it on as a gel or cream.

Is All Colloidal Silver Equal?

Not all colloidal silver preparations are equal. Product quality is of the utmost importance. The ionic form of colloidal silver has proven to be most effective whilst maintaining a favourable safety profile, and has an ideal particle size, which is key.  Colloidal silver should, therefore, be manufactured in an accredited facility, according to scientific formulations, at the right strength, particle size and particle compilation.

Inferior colloidal silver preparations may not lead to the desired outcome and may even cause unwanted health effects. It is essential, therefore, that you choose colloidal silver products that are accredited by complementary healthcare regulatory authorities and recommended by healthcare professionals. 

New Hope

In an era where some health remedies appear to be running out of steam, it is fair to suggest that colloidal silver offers fresh hope and ever-expanding applications. The onus is on us to work out our future wellbeing with care and wisdom.