Ionic Colloidal Silver has a Favourable Profile

The remarkable healing qualities of ionic colloidal silver are well documented and many around the world have testified to its amazing health benefits. Ongoing medical research on the product is carried out by acknowledged medical doctors and research teams providing undeniable evidence of the product’s healing ability. It has recently gained popularity again as a natural alternative to western medicine, but along with this came negative propaganda, raising the importance of knowing the facts.

Research has concluded that ionic colloidal silver has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties amongst others while being non-toxic and having a favourable safety profile.

Although ionic colloidal silver is safe and beneficial, if used incorrectly, in excessive amounts, or a poor-quality product is consumed, it can cause a pigmented grey/blue skin condition called Argyria – a harmless but cosmetically unpleasant condition.

The World Health Organisation published a paper on the use of ionised silver in which they recommended it for the purification of municipal water. The paper established scientifically that a person of average 70 kg weight can safely ingest the equivalent of 8 litres of 18 ppm ionic silver per year over his/her lifetime.

The onset of Argyria is not sudden. It is a gradual build-up of silver under the skin caused by the photo-reduction of silver by the sun. This build-up is non-toxic and does not affect bodily organs or function. The first signs of Argyria appear on the fingernails just past the “moon” area. Should you notice a change in nail colour, stop the intake of all silver.

How do I choose the right brand of ionic colloidal Silver?

  • The liquid must be absolutely clear
  • It must have a stated strength (preferably below 25 ppm, e.g. 18 ppm)
  • It must be produced by a reputable manufacturer and not home-brewed
  • It must not, ignorantly or falsely, guarantee against Argyria at excessive dosages

Ionic colloidal silver, like any medication, has a recommended dosage. As a general daily tonic and immune booster, one can take 10 ml per day and, during times of infection or injury, one can safely take up to 20 to 40 ml per day. These figures are relevant for ionic colloidal silver preparations of 18 ppm (parts per million).

All Silverlab Healthcare, preparations are manufactured in a laboratory that adheres to GMP and ISO 9001 standards, principles and guidelines to ensure products have the identity, strength, purity and quality they purport to contain. Manufacturing is in accordance with a formulated electrochemical PLC-driven process. It has been established that the antimicrobial characteristics of any silver solution are directly proportional to the free silver ions available in the solution. Silver ions appear to kill pathogenic micro-organisms instantly by blocking the respiratory enzyme system (energy production) as well as altering microbe DNA and the cell wall. They also appear to block T cell (TCR) receptors on the HIV virus and stop the HIV RNA from unravelling.  It does this without harming beneficial microorganisms such as gut flora or normal cells in the body.

It is wise to take note of Aristotle’s sage advice to seek moderation in all things. Many have suffered from an excessive intake of supplements and paid the penalty. Taken within its prescribed dosage, Silverlab ionic colloidal silver will yield therapeutic results that will please and also astound. Silverlab adheres to the Hippocratic Oath principle that regimens are prescribed for the good of patients without intending harm to anyone.