An overview of Silverlab 18 ppm Colloidal Silver


What Silverlab Ion Colloidal Silver Does

A solution of silver ions in pure water kills bacteria, fungi and viruses rapidly [4-6 minutes in wounds] without adverse effects anywhere in the body.

It is available in different forms:  The standard solution of 500ml or 1 litre for internal use.

Take 5ml, wash it well in the mouth or gargle it before swallowing it.  It is immediately absorbed through the mucous membranes of the mouth, is absorbed into the bloodstream, and moves to the sick cells where any viruses, bacteria and fungi are killed.  In this way it fights any infection in the body.  It’s also available in a spray, gel, cream and nasal spray.  The spray is useful and is sprayed on the tongue or the skin and can always be filled from the larger bottle.

Robert Becker: It stimulates growth of damaged cells and even cancer cells cure.  Unlike prescription antibiotics it does not kill good bacteria.  It has no side effects, even in high doses.  Over dosage is hardly possible.  Much water [1-2 litres per day with an infection] should always be drunk to remove the dead pathogens from the body.

Silver ions not only kill germs, but also boost your immunity.  Some 80 years ago the soil had more silver, which prevented infectious diseases by destroying fungi, bacteria and viruses.  Today, the silver in the soil is exhausted, because animal and kitchen waste are no more reverted into farmland.  Moreover, the infectious organisms are now much more resistant to prescription antibiotics.  They, however have no resistance to silver.

Research has shown that colloidal silver has been used with success in treating hundreds of diseases.

Examples:     Acne; AIDS; allergies; appendicitis; athlete’s foot, bad breath; bed sores, bladder infections, blood poisoning, boils, bronchitis, burns, candida, cancer, chilblains; cholera; chronic fatigue, colon inflammation, cold sores, conjunctivitis [pink eye], cystitis; dandruff; dermatitis, diabetes 1; diarrhoea, eczema, emphysema, food poisoning, fungal infections, fungus under the nails, gangrene, gastritis, gum  disease, gout, haemorrhoids, hay fever, hepatitis, herpes, hip pain, impetigo, indigestion, inner ear infection, insect bites; laryngitis; leprosy, leukemia, lupus, malaria, meningitis, mouth ulcers, mucus, nappy rash, oral thrush; pleurisy, pneumonia, prostate infection,, psoriasis, razor wounds, rheumatism, rhinitis, ringworm, rosacea, scarlet fever, septic eyes, ears, mouth and throat, shingles, sinus, infection, tick bite fever, tonsillitis, tooth decay, tuberculosis, viral diseases, warts, whooping cough, wound healing.

Take it along if you are going on leave, it’s a first aid kit in a bottle!  It also helps to prevent disease in that it boosts your immunity.

Chronic diseases will not immediately heal.  The Colloidal Silver just kills the micro-organisms causing the disease and the body does the healing itself over time.

Direction for use:

  1. Spray: [100ml]: For infections spray every half hour on affected areas e.g. skin, wounds as long as the problem persists.  For eye infections, spray eyes frequently with spray.  For prevention of infections, spray about 2 times per day in the mouth on an empty stomach.
  2. Liquid:   For infections, sore throat etc. take 5ml every two hours.  Rinse the mouth or throat before you swallow.  For prevention drink 5ml per day on an empty stomach.  Use it to full the spray bottles.  For a serious disease e.g. shingles, bladder infection, cholera, food poisoning, diarrhoea, etc. start by slowly drinking one cup followed by 5ml every two hours.  If there is no improvement, take another cup the next day.
  3. Nasal spray (buffered, ed.):     for sinus, spray every half hour deep into the nose, ideal for hay fever.
  4. Gel or Cream: for skin problems, dermatitis, eczema, shaving wounds, bed sores etc.
  5. Tip:      Overdose has only two effects, the development of grey blue tinge of the fingernails and the skin.  You have overdone it.  It can however do no harm, simply cut down on your dosage or stop it for a while.

Other Uses:

Colloidal Silver is an excellent water purifier.  Water stored with one or tow tablespoons of Silver per 5l will be safe and sweet tasting for a very long time.  Water containing germ contaminants [not toxic chemicals] can be made drinkable by adding 2-3 tablespoons per 5 litres.

The silver, while purifying the water is also beneficial to the body, unlike chlorine tablets which are far from healthy.  After testing 23 methods of purifying water, NASA selected a silver system for its space shuttle.

Before fridges existed, a silver coin was put in a bottle of milk to make it last.

The spray is excellent for skin problems in dogs and cats.  Some vets give cortisone injections for skin problems.  This often damaged the animal’s kidneys permanently.  It kills all bacteria, algae, etc. in fish ponds, flower pots, drinking troughs for birds/pets etc.  Flowers last 2-3 times longer and animals get not infections or skin problems.  5ml is sufficient.

Spray onto plasters; the wound heals much quicker.  You get plasters with silver.

Note:   There is no connection between Colloidal Silver and Quick Silver.

Quick Silver is the common name for mercury and is very poisonous.

The best testimonial for silver is the fact that royal families through the ages were very healthy and achieved high ages.  This is attributed to the silver utensils they use.  They really have silver in their blood [slightly blue under an electron microscope] to detox their bodies and protect them against any infections.  The term ‘blue blood’ came into existence due to this.

[Natural Health Tips 2012 Jan J. Lategan pg.101]

Reproduced with permission, [Natural Health Tips 2012 Jan J. Lategan ] Purchase Jan’s amazing book by phoning him on 021 913 2382 or 082 290 2281. The books are available in English and Afrikaans. Every household should have one.


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