Respiratory Tract Support

Consider the following products:

Silverlab developed this unique, advanced, compact and portable respiratory care kit to care for your family’s daily respiratory health. RespiCare™️ Kit was designed as an all-in-one, silent, quick operating and non-invasive system to alleviate respiratory ailments. The kit comes with a MESH Nebuliser, Oximeter (pulse & SpO2), ioNano 46™️ Liquid ( 2 x 200 ml) and Nasal Spray (30 ml).

Silverlab’s powerful MESH NEBULISER is a device that helps you inhale liquid medicine as a mist. It comes with 2 different sized masks as well as a mouth piece, batteries and a USB power cable. The device nebulises 5 ml in less than 6 minutes.

Silverlab’s Nebulising Liquid is specifically formulated to target respiratory ailments, including symptoms such as cough, shortness of breath, hypoxia (oxygen deficiency) and a tight chest. Each nebulised drop contains billions of positively charged ionic⁺ silver particles, which seek and eliminate harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Silverlab’s NASAL SPRAY formulated with SilverRepair™️ may help to unblock nasal passages and clear nasal congestion due to allergies. It may also help with sinusitis, post-nasal drip, hay fever and the clearing up of inflammation, redness and soreness of the nose associated with flu and the common cold. Nasal spray and medicine dropper included. It’s safe for prolonged use.