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Silverlab’s 100 ml Burn Rescue Spray may assist in the restoration, soothing and management of thermal & chemical burns affecting the skin, eyes, nose, throat and lungs. Burn Rescue displays anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, keeping the skin clean and sanitary so it can heal faster. When left to dry naturally, the Liquid forms a protective barrier against microbes, bacteria, viral matter, fungi and other irritants. 

An essential item in a first aid kit, each spray contains billions of positively charged silver particles, which seek and eliminate harmful germs. ionic+ Silver LIQUID™️ is a natural ingredient, which is strong on germs, yet gentle on people, and can safely be used for extended periods.  

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Burns (heat or chemical), Cuts, Scrapes, Wounds, Mouth & Throat, Nostrils, Fire & Smoke relief for Eyes and/or nebulise the Liquid for Lungs. 


Eyes: Spray onto closed eyelids to clean away dirt and soot. Wipe clean if possible. Then tip head back, spray into eye socket and then open eyes to get liquid into the eyes. Keep eyes wet with liquid for 2 minutes. Repeat as needed. Alternatively, the liquid can be used in an eye bath. 
Burns (Heat or Chemical): Spray directly onto burns. Keep affected area wet with liquid for as long as possible. Continue spraying area until it has cooled sufficiently. If the burn area on the skin is large, remove the spray lid and pour the liquid directly onto affected area.
If clothing is stuck to the skin, pour the liquid directly onto the clothing. 
Cuts, Scrapes & Wounds: Spray directly onto cuts, scrapes and wounds to disinfect the area. Remove any gravel or debris by rubbing with a swab while continually spraying. Repeat as needed. 
Mouth & Throat: Spray liquid into mouth and throat as needed. 
Lungs: Pour 5 ml to 6 ml undiluted liquid into your nebuliser receptacle. Inhale as per nebuliser instructions for 8 to 12 minutes. Use 3 times per day for 3 to 5 days. 
Nose Spray: Spray 4 sprays into each nostril while inhaling. Repeat 3 to 4 times per day or more as needed.  

For best results: 
Use in combination with Silverlab’s Healing Gel for eyes, wounds and burns by applying the gel directly onto areas using about a 2 mm thick layer of Healing Gel.  

For children, use a quarter to a half of the adult dosages. 

Contraindications: Hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients. 
Warnings and special precautions: Please read package insert. 
Pregnancy and breastfeeding: Safety has not been established. Please consult your doctor before using. 
Interactions: For oral use, administer colloidal silver spray two hours before or four hours after penicillamine and thyroxine. 


NAPPI Code: 718527001 

Each spray (0,4 ml) of Silverlab Colloidal Silver Burn Rescue contains: 
ionic+ Colloidal Silver 18 ppm.  

The other ingredients are: 
Deionised purified water. 

Sugar free. 
Alcohol free. 


100 ml (plastic PET bottle) 


Silverlab is the undisputed leader of ionic+ Colloidal Silver in South Africa. Since 1999, their product range has been trusted by millions for efficacy, quality and safety. Silverlab’s 100 ml Burn Rescue Spray represents the ultimate refinement of ionic+ Colloidal Silver, offering the optimum concentration for topical and oral applications.