Colloidal Silver Liqui-Gel

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Silverlab Healing liqui-gel ionic+ Colloidal Silver, MultiRepair ™


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Patient Information Leaflet

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Silverlab Colloidal Silver Healing Liquid Gel may soothe sore throats, tonsils, ulcers, and mouth sores while promoting healing and providing a hygienic barrier against infections. 
Topically or internally, It may also serve as a hygienic barrier gel to help prevent microbial infections.

💧Fragrance-Free 💧 No Preservatives 💧 No Colourants
Anti-Viral · Anti-Bacterial · Anti-Fungal · Anti-Inflammatory


Please read the package insert for complete directions and pediatric dosages. Colloidal Silver Liqui-Gel.pdf

  • Mouth Sores, Mouth Ulcers (Oral Thrush), Sore Throat, and Tonsils:
    • Gargle and swish 10ml 4-8 times daily, ensuring the liquid reaches between teeth. Keep it in your mouth for 2 minutes before spitting into a basin.
    • For chronic use, 10ml can be swallowed daily.

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