Hand, Face & Mask Sanitiser

Hand & Face Sanitiser


100ml Hand, Face & Mask Sanitiser

  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Anti-Viral
  • Safe for Eyes

With 100% natural Colloidal Silver



Product information

  • Silverlab’s Sanitiser is an alternative to regular alcohol-based sanitisers, which may damage the skin with frequent use
  • Silverlab’s Sanitiser was the world’s first  sanitiser that supports & restores the skin, whilst also protecting against germs

Silverlab’s 100ml sanitisers are unique because they can be safely sprayed into eyes, mouth, nose and of course hands.
After spraying, a protective film is left on your hands and skin, which helps prevent viral and bacterial infections.

The 100% natural ingredient is strong on germs, yet gentle on people, and can safely be used for extended periods on both hands and face.

Use in combination with Silverlab Nasal Spray as an extra first-line of defence. Also consider using Silverlab’s Healing Cream as a skin moisturiser and hand sanitiser. Both of these products effectively repair chemical damage caused by harsh chemical and alcohol-based sanitisers.


Anti-Microbial: Silverlab’s ionic⁺ Colloidal Silver is highly regarded as an anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent. Because Colloidal Silver is 100% natural and has no known toxic side-effects, it can be used many times a day as a face, hand, mouth and nasal passage sanitiser.

Skin-Care: Because the active ingredient is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral, teenagers will love the added benefit of cleaner skin, and fewer acne breakouts.


As a Hand & Face Sanitiser: Spray liberally onto hands, face, eyes, into mouth and nose areas regularly, especially after each contact with people and public surfaces. Allowing the liquid to dry creates a disinfectant film or shield of nano-silver particles around the face, nose, eye and mouth areas.

As a Face-Mask Sanitiser: Spray onto face-masks (inside & out) and any surfaces as a general sanitiser. You can wear it immediately or let the liquid dry, either way, it forms a disinfectant film. It is also important to wash your reusable masks regularly.

As with any product, when used on surfaces, test on a small area for staining.