ioNano 46™ Nebulising Liquid – 100ml


Silverlab’s 100 ml ioNano 46TM Nebulising Liquid is specifically formulated to target respiratory ailments, including symptoms such as cough, shortness of breath, hypoxia (oxygen deficiency) and a tight chest.

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Each nebulised drop contains billions of positively charged ionic+ silver particles, which seek and eliminate harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi. For maximum effectiveness, nebulising the nano-particle solution facilitates instant absorption and bioavailability to the affected areas such as the respiratory system, targeting colds & flu, lung infections, sinus infections, and nasal congestion and may even help improve oxygen levels.

The 100% natural ingredient is strong on germs, yet gentle on people. Silverlab formulates and manufactures each unit to the highest quality standards.

Use in combination with Silverlab’s ioNano 46 Nasal Spray for extra support against respiratory infections.


Alleviation of respiratory symptoms. To help as first line of defence against infections.

Supports the immune system and is used as a natural antimicrobial agent.

In various laboratory tests, it displayed anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. And because ionic Nano Silver is 100% natural and has no known toxic side-effects, it is highly regarded as both safe and effective as an antimicrobial agent. 


If you have respiratory symptoms:

Adults: Days 1 & 2: Nebulise with 5ml every hour until symptoms subside significantly or resolve, (generally within 2-12 doses).
Symptoms may include cough, shortness of breath or tight chest, which may be accompanied with a headache or generalised weakness.
If symptoms do not improve or deteriorate, please consult your doctor.
Day 3 onwards: Nebulise with 5ml, 2 to 3 times a day until there is complete resolution of symptoms (up to 14 days).

Children: Nebulising should be done under the prescription or supervision of a doctor.

Children over 12: 5ml, as per Adults above or as prescribed.

Children above 5 years: Nebulise with 2.5ml as per Adults above, or as prescribed.

  • Please breathe normally with slow deep breaths while nebulising to avoid possible dizziness / light-headedness due to hyperventilation.
  • Best results are obtained when nebulising while in an upright position.
  • Alternate between inhaling through the nose and then inhaling through the mouth if possible.

Use undiluted.


Adults should not ingest more than 238 litres of 42ppm ionic Nano Silver in their lifetime, an average of 3.4 litres per year, to prevent the possibility of argyria developing. Argyria is a slight discolouration/greying of the skin. The first signs are seen on the nail beds just above the moon of the nail. If this becomes blue, discontinue use and contact the telephone number below. Argyria is rare, and is a cosmetic effect only and is in no way detrimental to one’s health.


None known. Treatment of over dosage is symptomatic and supportive.


Pharmaceutical-grade purified water; electrically isolated silver nano ions at 42ppm or 42mcg/ml.


For maximum effectiveness, nebulising the nano-particle silver solution facilitates instant absorption and assimilation to the ailment.


Silverlab is the undisputed #1 leader of ionic+ Nano Silver in South Africa. Their product range is trusted by millions for over 20 years for unprecedented efficacy, quality and safety. Silverlab’s ioNano 46 represents the ultimate refinement of the ionic+ nanoparticle Colloidal Silver category, offering the optimum concentration and particle size for respiratory ailments.

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