Immune Support

Immune Support
Product Range

For daily immune boost &
a general anti-microbial

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Boost your immune system with Silverlab’s Daily IMMUNE BOOSTER & ANTI-MICROBIAL range (200 ml, 500 ml, 2,5 L value-pack; 500 ml PET/plastic, 1 L PET/plastic).

As a daily dietary supplement, it not only serves as your first line of defence against infections, but also combats inflammation (i.e. dual-action).

This dual-action MultiSupport LIQUID™️ can be gargled, nebulised or taken orally to combat infections, colds and flu.

Gargling, drinking and nebulsing allows one to tackle an ailment from many directions.

Its anti-inflammatory property further supports your body to function optimally.

The range which is formulated in an ionic+ form, is proven to be more effective, yet is natural and has a favourable safety profile.

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