Shaving Tips For Men


Basic shaving is a ritual which can be quick and easy. You pick up an electric or blade razor and drag it across your face until the stubble’s gone. But there is a difference between a basic shave and a really good shave. A good shave requires a little more effort and know-how.


Below is a video which covers a couple of shaving tips for men – whether you’re a beginner or savvy shaver:

One of the Best Kept Secret Shaving Tips For Men

A little known, yet one of the most effective shaving tips for men not covered in this video, is what to do when the facial skin becomes irritated, developing a redness which might, in turn, develop into a rash. The medical term for this condition is “pseudofollicultis barbae,” or “sycosis barbae,” but it is more commonly known as barber’s itch, shaving bumps or shaving rash.


Reason For Shaving Bumps

As each hair grows out, the weight of the hair pulls it straight, but when the hair is shaved, it has no weight, thus it sometimes curls back into the follicle. This irritates the skin and it reacts by trying to push out this foreign object, causing redness or, at times, even an infection. To counteract this problem, it is necessary to apply an anti-bacterial agent.


Colloidal Silver: The Secret Shaving Tip For Men

Colloidal silver is an ancient, yet still extremely effective remedy, which combats bacteria by entering the infected follicles. It neutralizes the infection and simultaneously, prevents the bacterial cells from replicating. Although tough on bacteria, colloidal silver is gentle on the skin. Its moisturizing properties keep the skin supple and wrinkle-free, preventing drying out, particularly during our hot summers and cold, dry winters.

After shaving, a quick dab of Silverlab Healing Gel on irritated hair follicles, then smoothing a thin layer of Silverlab Healing Cream over the rest of the face will keep the skin soft, unblemished and wrinkle-free.

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