Sick and tired of your wrinkles?

No one likes wrinkles. Let’s face it, folds, ridges and creases in our skins are everything but flattering. But unfortunately, wrinkles are inevitable. We all age, we are all exposed to sunlight and other harsh elements, and it is totally understandable that we won’t have silky smooth skin forever. Other factors include our sleeping positions (you did not know that, did you?), loss of body mass (yes, diets can give you wrinkles!) and even prolonged immersion in water (that prune- feeling you love to hate when spending hours in the tub).

Some factors that attribute to wrinkles can be adjusted/corrected. When wrinkles form due to your sleeping position, you can change your sleeping position to prevent further wrinkles from forming. These wrinkles can deepen and become permanent, so prevention is definitely better than cure. Pruney fingers, or wrinkles due to water-immersion is not permanent either, therefore you don’t need to panic when you immerse as the lesser-spotted-human-prune after a long and relaxing water session.

One of the main areas of concern is wrinkling due to age. This is not limited to the number of birthdays you celebrate, but also includes facial expressions that are habitual, too much sun, smoking (this is a big wrongdoer!) and of course inadequate hydration.

Stress is not good for your skin either! Continuous stress can lead to your body undergoing internal changes, which is sure to have an effect on more than just your mood. Stress also contributes to deterioration on cellular level, which is a fast and furious process to making you look…. Old.

Dermal fillers and/or botox are sometimes used to smooth out lines and wrinkles. In both instances, a substance is injected under your skin (sounds painful, doesn’t it?) to allow for a more rejuvenated (read less wrinkly) appearance. These fillers are not permanent and need to be “maintained” with top-ups on a regular basis.

Silverlab products have anti-inflammatory properties, perfect for wrinkles treatment! Use the gel and then once it has been absorbed by the skin, apply a small amount of the Silverlab cream! We’ve had comments from some of our clients that it works better than Botox (and we think it sounds a lot less painful)!

Interesting to know: “Many laser clinics are now using Silverlab Gel as an after treatment for laser therapy.”