Smooth Sailing Through Winter with Silverlab

Sleeping in this winter?

We all agree that a cold winter’s day is the perfect excuse to spend a few extra hours in bed. But let it be with a good book or movie and a mug of hot coffee, and not with a cold or flu. The Silverlab Liquid is your first aid kit and immune booster that will enable you to do just that!

Gentle, yet powerful!

The Silverlab Liquid, with ionic colloidal silver, is a natural antimicrobial and healing remedy that will get your whole family through winter, even your pets!

The Liquid can be taken as a daily tonic to boost your immune system and help your own body fight infection.  With its anti-inflammatory properties, the Liquid helps keeps the body in an anti-inflammatory state, which is the optimal state for combatting winter ailments.

During a bout of cold or flu, the dosage can be increased to help your body recover faster.

Nutritious, and delicious

You are also going to need all the nutrients you can get from your food to keep you warm and healthy.  Through the Liquid’s antimicrobial properties, it will keep your gastrointestinal tract (GUT) functioning optimally, combatting bad bacteria while keeping the good GUT bacteria intact. A healthy GUT enables better absorption!

Remember that the Liquid will also get you through an event of gastritis (inflammation and infection of the stomach lining) and food poisoning fast!

Health from the inside and out

Dynamite comes in small packages, and this is also the case with our convenient 100ml Liquid Spray.

The skin is the largest organ of our body, serving as a barrier to protect us against elements and infection.  All the more reason to boost this wonderful protective barrier of yours with the Liquid Spray as a sanitiser.

By regularly spraying the hands and nose area, the risk of contracting infection is dramatically reduced. A spray around the mouth can also reduce the risk of developing very painful and unsightly fever blisters that stick out their heads during winter times.

Get your essential preventative and therapeutic remedy for your family today!