Sport First Aid Kit

Rather safe than sorry!

The Silverlab Sport Range with Silver Repair™ is essential therapeutic products for your sport first aid kit.

The range includes a uniquely formulated Sun Guard SPF 40 for men, women, and children that is absolutely essential.

It also includes an After Sun Liqui-Gel to immediately treat sunburn and provide relief to the redness and pain associated with sunburn.

The Blister & Wound Gel is for those unfortunate mishaps and can even be safely applied to open wounds to immediately start healing and help with the prevention of infection.

Don’t cut a cycling expedition short due to chafing. Chafing Repair Cream is there to prevent and treat chafing, particularly in the groin, thigh and underarm areas. It is also effective in the management of dermatitis and eczema.

Your gala swimming can continue on a high note thanks to Swimmers Ear, as it prevents and treats outer ear infection (otitis externa), swimmer’s ear, and helps with the clearing of trapped water from the ear.

Always have these set of products close at hand in your sport first aid kit for your family’s sporting and outdoor expeditions.

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