Trust us about the sunscreen

Silverlab’s SPF40 Sunscreen is in the development phase, and will be available in Sep 2021

Sun Screen
Hands up, who remembers the Baz Luhrmann song titled, “Everybody’s Free To Wear Sunscreen”?

If you do then you are probably somewhere between 35 and 60 years old and have you started shouting at the “noisy neighbours” at 9pm on a Friday night – something you swore you’d never do roundabout 1999 when this track was released.

Yes, time marches on but it doesn’t mean we have to accept its impact as fait accompli (or matter of fact) if the French phrases are a little too much to bear this time of the day.

Yes, wrinkly souls, we do not have to go quietly into that good night – we have science on our side and there are many products in the Silverlab Colloidal Silver range that can help us look and feel better… none more so (or more important, in fact) than their new sunscreen – available before the December break.

Factors of life

Amazing as this may sound, there are still thousands, millions of people in fact who do not see the value of sunscreen – and appropriate levels of protection in this, the 19th year of the 21st century.

From golfers and other sportspeople to company reps, other professions, kids, students and everyone else, there are people who consider that star in our sky a harmless dish of yellow, not to be treated with the utmost respect.

Here is some sobering information from

  • Skin cancer is divided into two categories: Melanoma and non-melanoma.
  • 4m people a year are diagnosed with skin cancer (world-wide)
  • That’s 14794 souls … A DAY
  • There’s been a dramatic increase in incidents over the last 30 years
  • While more data is needed, incidents in black Africans has been highlighted as a significant health problem needing more public health education – as is the case with the general population.

The reality, of course, is that your skin type or skin colour is of little consequence when it comes to the unforgiving rays of the sun. Yes, some lighter-skinned and freckled faces need a little more protection but the big ball of fiery gas is an equal opportunity threat – and everyone needs to take heed with SPF30 up to SPF 50 recommended at all times.

What makes Silverlab’s Sunscreen the bees’ knees?

  • A clean, fresh smell.Although some people might like that “beachy smell” of typical sunblock, this is awesome for daily wear/application, as you can go about your routine smelling fresh and clean.
  • It also blends wellwith aftershave and perfume.
  • It’s non greasy,not sticky
  • It does not burn when it gets into your eyes, which is great for application on young kids
  • It will be sold in a convenient tube with flip-lid cap,which makes it ideal for handbag, car store space, sport bag, school bag and more.
  • It heals while it prevents– it has the healing properties of Ionic Colloidal Silver, promoting healthy skin and undoing previous sun damage while performing its UV protection duties.

In this blog we explained the healing qualities for ionic colloidal silver in great detail – please do give it a quick read when you have the time. Also worth noting that we do have an “after-sun” product available if need be.

Checkout our After Sun Liqui-Gel (for sunburn) – known to help with:

  • Relieving reddened, inflamed skin
  • Easing pain
  • Promoting healing

Prevention is obviously a lot better than “cure” so we encourage you to keep investing in the best possible sunblock over this spring . . . while you wait for (what will probably be) the best possible sunblock – period.

You can trust us on that fact.

Silverlab’s SPF40 Sunscreen is in the development phase, and will be available in Sep 2021