The Natural Antibiotic

Kills Bad Bacteria, Viruses & Fungi High quality South African Ionised Colloidal Silver

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Benefits of Colloidal silver

A trusted remedy used throughout centuries.

Kills Viruses, Bacteria & Fungi

Colloidal silver is potent in the destroying of bad pathogens, with no side effects, even in high doses.

Restores Good Cells

Colloidal silver stimulates the growth of damaged cells and even has claims of eliminating cancer cells.

Does Not Kill Good Bacteria

Unlike prescription antibiotics it does not kill good bacteria.

Boosts Your Immune System

Helps to normalize the body at a cellular level, allowing the immune system to operate more efficiently.

Fights Infection & Inflammation

Treated with colloidal silver experienced near-normal skin conditions after 72 hours.

For The Whole Family

Safe to use for the whole family, including pets!
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Bringing you Healing, Promoting your Health

Silverlab assists those with self-diagnosed health conditions to achieve swift and lasting relief, unleashing you into a life of health and renewed vigor.

Silverlab Product Ranges

Explore our ionised colloidal silver product ranges.

Health Range

Gentle remedy with an incredible punch suited for the whole family.

Health Range

Sport Range

Addressing all aspects and health conditions relating to the South African climate.

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People are living better lives

See how Silverlab changed these peoples' lives.

I started suffering from psoriasis on my hands about a year ago. Since then not one day has gone by without my fingers cracking and being very painful indeed. As I am a diabetic as well, it takes a lo...
Mrs DJ Botha
My name is Fatima Cader, and for 19 years I have suffered from chronic lymphocytic leukaemia. This has meant going for regular chemotherapy to keep the disease at bay. One of the side effects is a bur...
Fatima Cader, Parow
A friend, who sells the product, gave me a small sample sachet of colloidal silver cream to use on cuts, wounds, burns and abrasions. I didn’t realise how effective it was until I started using it f...
Maureen Rees, Cape Town
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Where to buy silverlab

Silverlab colloidal silver is available throughout South Africa.