Silverlab Products FAQ


Silverlab ionic colloidal silver has a favourable safety profile and can be taken internally and applied topically.  It is a nontoxic, natural remedy that assists with the prevention and treatment of a number of health conditions.

There may be some generalized, superficial truth in that statement but it lacks depth.

All elements and minerals that pass into your system have to be carried. Your body has many enzymes for doing this. Did you know that 50% of your body’s enzymes are designed for carrying metals?

When taking colloidal silver it is important to hold it in your mouth for 2 minutes before swallowing. There are 2 reasons for doing this:

1. Homeopaths recognize that you get absorption of minerals, including ionic colloidal silver, directly into your bloodstream from the blood vessels under your tongue which are situated very close to the surface. We call this sub-lingual absorption.

2. The second, and probably more important aspect of holding the liquid in your mouth is so that your saliva can mix with the silver solution. Silver ions then bond onto the enzymes (amino-acids) in your saliva as per their design. This enzyme is now able to:

a. Pass through the acid barrier of your stomach without turning into silver chloride. (Silver chloride is a true colloid and has an efficacy of 1/10 of Silverlab ionic colloidal silver 18ppm, great for reversing food poisoning).

b. Carry the silver ion through the wall of the gut and deliver it to the area needed in your body.

For food poisoning and tummy upsets you do not hold in mouth before swallowing. This allows the silver to pass through your entire gastrointestinal system, coming into contact with the bad bacteria and microbes, and killing them.

If it were true that ionic silver does not pass through the membranes, then why is it such an effective medicine? If colloidal silver doesn’t work, why is it the most popular alternative medicine on the planet?

The truth is that this is such a good product that it has become the preferred CAMS (complementary and alternative medicines) product for those who are serious about their health.

Use Silver with confidence for:

• Anti-inflammatory action

• Bacterial infections

• Anti-microbial

• Fungal infections

• Viral infections (not effective against all viruses)

• Immune booster

• Promoting faster healing

• Etc.


A certain Dr Rima incorrectly states (October 2014) that 10ppm nano silver is better than 25ppm nano silver.

She is quoting from the USA Defense Threat Reduction Agency paper cleared for public release. 

The paper does not compare strength of silver (ppm) but the actual size of the particles (nm). It shows 10nm silver to be better than 25nm silver.

If you have read my Scientific Paper, you will be aware that there are many companies around the world trying to establish themselves as a preferred supplier of colloidal silver. They all seem to say “mine is better than yours”.

We have opted to not participate in this negative practice. We have conducted our own research using independent laboratories to establish facts around our products. One of these facts is that “Low concentrations of silver ions are antibacterial. (Ref. 1)”.

Another is that “Silverlab ionic silver, even when diluted 1:4 proves to be a very good anti-inflammatory (Ref. 25)”. Further research has also proved colloidal silver to be anti-viral. See what the experts say here.

When using Silverlab colloidal silver as a tonic it is important to heed the instructions on the bottle. “For best results hold in your mouth for 2 minutes before swallowing”.

This allows the enzymes (saliva) in your mouth to bond onto the silver ions to form a metallo-protein. This metallo-protein carries the silver through the acid barrier of your stomach into the intestines for absorption. They then continue carrying the silver through your body.

The silver in this form is sub-nano, i.e. it is much smaller than nanosilver. (The proponents of nanosilver say that the smaller the silver particle is, the better the product will work.)

So we have established that Silverlab colloidal silver is known to kill bad bacteria, fungus and even parasites and viruses. But now we  know that it is an anti-inflammatory too:

“ All sickness and disease has an inflammatory component. Taken as a tonic, Silverlab Liquid would help to normalize the body at a cellular level, allowing the immune system to operate more efficiently. It helps your body to heal itself.”

[Prof. Patrick Bouic, Synexa Life Sciences, July 2007]

If you are convinced that silver nano particles will assist you, you can be assured that Silverlab ionic colloidal silver will do exactly the same if held in the mouth for 2 minutes before swallowing.

10ml Colloidal Silver Liquid taken daily will assist your own body to fight off disease.

So, to answer the question: Silverlab is equivalent to, if not better than nanosilver and it has the added benefit of being stronger in concentration so lower doses can be administered to get the same effect.

Colloidal simply means a suspension of ultra–fine particles of one substance, suspended by an electric charge in another substance. With colloidal silver, ultra–fine particles of silver are suspended in distilled water.

Absolutely not. Unlike prescription antibiotics it does not kill good bacteria. It has no side effects, even in high doses.

Colloidal silver has no side effects. However, in cases of high dosage use, overdose is possible. Overdose will reflect with the development of a grey blue tinge of the fingernails and the skin. It can however do no harm. Simply cut down on your dosage or stop for a while and the grey blue tinge will disappear.

Yes! However, the chronic disease will not heal immediately. The colloidal silver just kills the micro-organisms causing the disease and the body does the healing itself over time.

No, there is NO connection between colloidal silver and quick silver. Quick silver is the common name for mercury and is very poisonous.

Due to the detoxification qualities of colloidal silver, symptoms may temporarily get worse as your body eliminates these toxins. Drink 1 to 2 litres of water for 2 days or until this passes in order to flush out the dead pathogens.

Argyria is a pigmented blue skin condition that is otherwise harmless, but cosmetically unpleasing and is associated with the excessive intake of colloidal silver.

The onset of Argyria is a gradual build-up of silver under the skin caused by the photo-reduction of silver by the sun.

The first signs of Argyria appear on the fingernails, just past the ‘half-moon’ section.

Keeping a watchful eye on the fingernails is a simple and easy monitoring method for early detection of Argyria in individuals who take in large amounts of Colloidal Silver.

Localised Argyria can manifest in the eye from excessive use of silver in eye drops or cosmetic makeup.

When staying within the recommended daily intake parameters for Colloidal Silver, the risk of developing Argyria may be negligible.

• It must be manufactured in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards
• It must be absolutely clear
• The strength of the preparation must be stated (e.g. 18 ppm)
• It must be produced by a reputable manufacturer where water purity and strength is guaranteed
• Ignorant or false claims and guarantees regarding its applications and risks should not be made

Fact # 1

Silverlab colloidal silver liquid has not been clinically tested against the Ebola virus. We do not claim that Silverlab cures Ebola.

Fact # 2

The Defense Threat Reduction Agency in American has released a document into public domain citing colloidal silver as a possible preventative and cure for the Ebola virus. Fore more information, click HERE.

Fact # 3

The paper shows that 10nm silver is better than 25nm silver. In other words, the smaller the particle, the better: Silverlab 18ppm ionic colloidal silver  was not tested but the particles are smaller than 1 nanometer and would therefore be even better than the 10nm silver tested.
[A certain Dr Rima incorrectly states (October 2014) that 10ppm nano silver is better than 25ppm nano silver. The paper does not compare strength of silver (ppm) but the actual size of the particles (nm). It shows 10nm silver to be better than 25nm silver]

Fact # 4

Silverlab is a complimentary and alternative remedy (CAMS) designed to “assists those with self-diagnosed health conditions”. The South African Constitution allows us to self-medicate.

Fact # 5

South Africa is setting up emergency isolation wards across the country which will enable a person diagnosed with the Ebola virus to be treated. It is possible that untested drugs may be used by doctors.

Fact # 6

The paper mentioned  in #2 suggests that silver is only effective against the virus in the early stages of it’s development. For best results, it is better to start treatment before infection or within a very short time after infection. Prophylactic use is recommended.

Fact # 7

The author of this FAQ (Ian McQueen) and his entire family will immediately start taking Silverlab colloidal silver: 20ml, 4 times per day if there is an outbreak of Ebola in South Africa or if we believe we may have come in contact with it.

For best results hold the colloidal silver Liquid in the mouth for 2 minutes before swallowing. The silver ions will bond onto the enzymes in the saliva forming a metallo-protein. (50% of the enzymes are designed to carry metals around the body).

The metallo-protein carries the silver  ions through the acid barrier of the stomach (hydrochloric acid), carries it through the gut wall and then may help in delivery the site where it is needed.

For an answer to this question, please read our blog post on this subject.


Silverlab colloidal silver is available throughout South Africa at the following stores:

  • Health Shops
  • Pharmacies
  • Dischem
  • Selected Clicks Stores
  • Wellness Warehouse
  • Doctors and Healthcare Practitioners

Please note that we only sell to retailers and unfortunately DO NOT SELL TO THE PUBLIC.

Should individuals be interested in our products, please find your closest retail store.  Should you like to stock our products, contact Kerry-Anne at 011 794 5380/1 during office hours.

No, this practice is not recommended:

The Silverlab formulation for the nasal spray contains a buffer. This helps prevent the spray from damaging the mucosa. If you fill the bottle with liquid you may get the same relief that you normally would, but without the protection of the buffer. We do not recommend this imprudent practice.

As for the 100ml spray; yes – this product is identical to the 200ml and 500ml liquid. Fill up the little spray bottle as needed.

No, unfortunately, we do not supply directly to the public. However, our products are freely available from the following stores:

  • Health Shops
  • Pharmacies
  • Health Practitioners
  • Homeopaths
  • Dis-Chem
  • Clicks
  • Wellness Warehouse

Alternatively, for a list of wholesalers, please phone Kerry-Anne at 011 794 5380/1 during office hours.

We do not sell our products at the pet shops, as we are not registered with the department of agriculture. However, you’re welcome to purchase it at any pharmacy, health shop or Dischem store.

• Immune support
• Antimicrobial (anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal)
• Gastric Upsets (diarrhoea, vomiting, food poisoning, gastritis etc.)
• Colds and Flu
• Etc.

• Topical infections
• Bedsores
• Athlete’s foot
• Mouth infections
• Colds and flu
• Wounds
• Disinfectant
• Etc.

• Allergies
• Nasal congestion
• Hay fever
• As anti-inflammatory spray

• Mouth infections (mouth sores and ulcers)
• Throat gargle (sore throat)
• Tonsillitis
• Oral pharyngeal thrush
• Also for topical use: sunburn, burns, thrush, topical infections

• Dermatitis and rash
• Eczema
• Acne
• Sunburn
• Athlete’s foot
• Vaginal thrush
• Nappy rash
• Dhobis itch
• Haemorrhoids
• Moisturiser and lubricant
• Apply around the nose and lips during colds and flu.

• Wounds
• Burns and sunburn
• Cuts, scrapes, stings
• Thrush, herpes boils, genital warts
• Rashes
• Etc.

Yes, our products can help to manage acne from the inside out. In terms of combatting acne naturally as effectively as possible, we would recommend drinking Silverlab Liquid to keep the body in an optimal anti-inflammatory and antibacterial state, thereby also combatting acne from the inside.  Directions for use regarding this: drink ½ teaspoon Cream of Tartar (Potassium Bitartrate) in a glass of orange juice (no sugar added) with 20ml Silverlab ionic Colloidal Silver every morning.

For combatting acne from the outside, apply the liquid to the skin with a cotton pad.  Follow that up with applying our Healing Gel or Healing Cream after wiping the skin with the cotton pad. If you feel that you are struggling with an oily skin, go for the Healing Gel.  If you feel you are in need of an extra bit of moisture, go for the Healing Cream.

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